Human resource information system

Reduce human resource admin with our HRIS

Implementing a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) can significantly reduce the administrative burden on HR staff. Our HRIS software solution automates and streamlines various HR processes and functions.

  • Employee Self-Service: Our HRIS provides an employee self-service portal where your employees can access and update their personal information, submit time-off requests, view timesheets, and more.
  • Automated Workflows: You can automate various workflows and processes, such as onboarding, Right-to-Work reviews, and offboarding.
  • Centralised Data Management: Our HRIS acts as a centralised repository for employee data, including personal information, employment history, performance records, and more.
  • Reporting and Analytics: EACs HRIS offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to generate various HR-related reports quickly.

By implementing these principles, utilising technology, and focusing on simplification, you can streamline your human resource processes and make them more efficient. Don’t spend your day tracking sickness, updating employee information, and compiling turnover reports. Our HR software optimises what were repetitive tasks, so you can focus on responsibilities that have real impact on your organisation. Simplified human resource management allows you to focus on strategic workforce planning initiatives, employee engagement, and creating a positive work environment.

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