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Revolutionise Timekeeping: Simplify Payroll & Compliance with Our 4-in-1 Time Clocking Solution

Ensure payroll accuracy and streamline timesheet administration by utilising the Employee Attendance Cloud 4 in 1 Time Clocking Machine for precise timekeeping. By employing this innovative system, you can significantly reduce the need for distributing, gathering, correcting, and manually entering timesheets on payday. Embrace efficiency and simplicity—why subject yourself to the tedious and error-prone manual process every single week?

Invest in our time clocking systems to effortlessly manage your workforce’s schedules, ensure accurate payroll processing, and stay compliant with employment regulations, all while streamlining your business operations.

Clocking Machine

The CBM41 offers your employees four clocking methods to choose from, which can be used in any combination: Biometric fingerprint; biometric facial recognition; RFID and Pin clocking.

£250.00 ex VAT

RFID Proximity Fobs

Easily attached to house or car keys, the RFID fobs are used for quick and easy clocking. Just hold them near to the clocking machine, wait for the beep and you’re done!

From: £36.50 – £330.00 ex VAT

RFID Swipe Cards

A trusted, reliable and affordable alternative for your employees. Clocking in and out takes just seconds with RFID cards and couldn’t be simpler.

From: £27.50 – £245.00 ex VAT

EAC Wave Clocking point

Using the latest in NFC technology, Wave is our most affordable option for a physical clocking device. Plus, there no cables or configuration of any kind – just stick it on the wall!

£25.00 ex VAT

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