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Revolutionise Your Workforce Management with EAC

Experience unparalleled precision, ease of use, and adaptability with our cutting-edge workforce management software from EAC. Elevate operational efficiency with seamless scheduling, resource optimisation, and enhanced productivity—all in one integrated solution. Drive tangible results with our holistic approach to workforce management.

Transform your workplace with our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) where technology seamlessly integrates with HR, ensuring accurate hours, fair pay, optimal staffing, and streamlined reporting. Unlock comprehensive workforce management potential with EAC, shaping efficient, effective, and adaptable workplaces.

Workforce Management: The Power of Automated Reporting in Human Resource Management
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Software Designed to Assist you with Your Time and Attendance and Absence Management Needs

Experience Excellence with EAC’s Workforce Management Software. Choose us for streamlined efficiency, accurate data, and a complete solution that empowers your workforce for success.

  • Integrated Rota Planning to help your company Enhance Cost Efficiency
  • Payroll Processing to allow for Effortless Administrative Relief
  • Workforce Management and Time and Attendance all in one place for a Unified Workforce Solution
  • Staff Absence Management, Holiday and Attendance Tracking to help Simplify Complex Management
  • Automated Reporting and Workflow Management to provide you with Actionable Business Insights
  • Intuitive Setup and Usage supported by our free, UK based helpdesk
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Boost productivity effortlessly with streamlined workforce management. Benefits include efficient scheduling, optimal task allocation, cost savings, and data-driven decisions, empowering managers to save time and improve team engagement.

Enhance operational efficiency with our comprehensive time and attendance system. Benefits include accurate tracking, efficient scheduling, payroll automation, cost savings, and data-driven decisions, empowering managers to save time & improve team engagement.

From fingerprint or facial recognition biometric clocking, to RFID fobs, pin access, NFC clocking or a smartphone app, our clocking system offer you the flexibility your business needs for your employees when it comes to clocking in and out.

Provide your workers with the autonomy and control they crave and/or you need them to have by allowing them to track their hours, see their timesheets and request time off from the comfort of their phone. Ideal for remote / site-based staff.

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