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CBM41 Clocking Machine

£250.00 ex VAT

Elegantly designed, built to last, and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the CBM41 clocking machine offers you four clocking methods to choose from, which can be mix and matched however you like.

For instance, employees can clock in and out using any combination of the four methods. To give an example, this means that they can clock in using their biometric fingerprint, but clock out using a pin number, RFID fob or facial recognition if they want or need to. This functionality proves particularly valuable in roles where hands may become heavily soiled by the end of a shift. Rest assured that, in one way or another, no clocking data will ever be overlooked.

The clocking machine offers an automatic backup function called "Store and Forward" for when the internet is down, meaning that all your valuable clocking data will be stored and synced when once the connection resumes.

The CBM41 allows you to store:

  • 300 unique facial algorithms
  • 1,000 fingerprint codes
  • 1,000 RFID users.


Explore the cutting-edge biometric clocking technology transforming workforce management.

Key Benefits

Boost Efficiency & Cost Savings

Embrace cost-effective accuracy with our automated tracking systems, eliminating the common errors associated with manual methods.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Our system effortlessly and seamlessly integrates with leading payroll software solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your payroll processes.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions offer complete customisability, allowing you to perfectly align them with your unique business requirements.

Centralised System

Empowered by advanced capabilities, our system seamlessly and efficiently tracks data across multiple sites, consolidating it within a centralised and cohesive database.

CBM41 Clocking Machine: Your Vital Resource for Employee Time Tracking and Workforce Management

The CBM41 not only effectively tackles the issue of 'buddy clocking,' a common occurrence where employees assist each other with clocking in or out, but it also goes a step further by implementing advanced clocking methods, including biometric fingerprint and facial recognition. As a result, this innovative solution significantly enhances time and attendance accuracy. This, in turn, leads to reliable payroll records, creating a workplace culture that prioritises trust and cooperation.

Upgrade your time and attendance process today with our clocking systems, a solution designed to adapt to your needs while enhancing your workforce's accountability and efficiency.

Our cloud-based software provides an intuitive and versatile attendance clocking solution for your business. The software utilises attendance data from the CBM41 clocking machine to make payroll preparation quick and easy. With our cloud-based workforce management software you can create tiered user profiles to ensure staff can only access information relevant to their role.

Full Specifications

Display2.8 Inch TFT Touch Screen
Face Capacity300 pcs
Fingerprint Capacity1000 pcs
RFID Capacity1000 pcs (Optional)
Logs Capacity100000
CommunicationTCP/IP, WiFi
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to 45 ℃
Operating Humidity20% to 80%
Power SupplyDC 5V 1A
Dimension168mm * 149mm * 33mm
Net WeightAbout 0.72KG

12 month warranty on machines.

Simplifying workforce management digitally

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