Employee clocking machine

CBM41 Clocking Machine

£275.00 ex VAT

The sleek and robust CBM41 Clocking Machine offers employees more flexibility with four clocking options, including RFID cards, PINs, biometric facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. The machine can also be adapted for even the most remote work site due to the store-and-forward feature, which allows employees to continue to clock without a connection.

The CBM41 Clocking Machine Allows You to Store

  • 300 unique facial algorithms.
  • 1000 unique fingerprints.
  • 1000 RFID users.

Key Benefits:

Boost Efficiency & Cost Savings

Embrace cost-effective accuracy with our automated tracking systems, which eliminate the common errors associated with manual methods.

Seamless Payroll Integration

Our system effortlessly integrates with leading payroll software solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your payroll processes.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions offer complete customisability, allowing you to perfectly align them with your unique business requirements.

Centralised System

Empowered by advanced capabilities, our system tracks data across multiple sites seamlessly and efficiently, consolidating it within a centralised and cohesive database.

Are you looking to streamline payroll processes and enhance productivity management?

  • Accurate Time Tracking: Our clocking machine precisely logs employee hours and breaks.
  • Error Reduction: Automatically eliminates manual errors for greater accuracy.
  • Insightful Reports: Offers detailed reports to save your business time and money.

Our clocking machine provides accurate time tracking, automatically logging employee hours and breaks. It reduces manual errors and offers insightful reports to save your business time and money.

CBM41 Clocking Machine: Your Vital Resource for Employee Time Tracking and Workforce Management

The cutting-edge CBM41 Machine fits into any work environment, and with its biometric offerings and accurate payroll data, you can enhance the efficiency of your business and team. Discover the full list of specifications below.

Clocking Machine: Full Specifications

Display2.8 Inch TFT Touch Screen
Face Capacity300 pcs
Fingerprint Capacity1000 pcs
RFID Capacity1000 pcs (Optional)
Logs Capacity100000
CommunicationTCP/IP, Wi-Fi
Operating Temperature0 ℃ to 45 ℃
Operating Humidity20% to 80%
Power SupplyDC 5V 1A
Dimension168mm * 149mm * 33mm
Net WeightAbout 0.72KG
12-month warranty on machines
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