EAC Wave

Wave Clocking Point

£25.00 ex VAT

Near-field communication (NFC) is now a common feature on smartphones. It is the technology used to enable contactless payments and data sharing. NFC has a limited communication distance of about 10cm.

You will receive an A5 Wave comprised of two parts; the left-hand section which is the actual NFC-embedded sticker, measuring roughly 9cm x 12.5cm. The "Tap Here" section in the centre is where the tag is located and instructions are visible for how employees need to use Wave.

When it comes to placing your Wave stickers at your chosen clocking points, simply peel off the left section and stick it straight onto a clean, non-metallic surface.


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How to clock in or out

  1. Log in to the clocking-in app on your phone / device.
  2. Choose 'IN' or 'OUT' as required.
  3. Select 'Wave'.
  4. Hold your phone / device close to the Wave clocking point until you are informed of a successful clocking. Depending on your settings, this could be an audible beep and / or vibration followed by a 'Clocking Successful' message on your screen.

It's as simple as that!

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