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Rota Drafting Bench

This innovative feature greatly streamlines workforce scheduling by providing you with the capability to effortlessly integrate your regular shifts into the Rota while seamlessly managing unassigned shifts. Furthermore, these unassigned shifts may necessitate a specific number of employees, and here's where your flexibility shines—you can precisely specify the required skills, ensuring that the right personnel with the correct skills are always in place. Moreover, employees benefit from the convenience of easily accessing and requesting these unassigned shifts through the clocking-in app, a time-saving approach that eliminates the need for extensive coordination with every team member.

Additionally, you can proactively plan your Rotas months in advance, eliminating the need for weekly adjustments. To simplify the process further, you can easily copy and paste schedules you've previously created and replicate entire weeks, making it a breeze, especially when dealing with month-long patterns for some employees.

The benefits of this feature are as follows:

  • Effortless Workforce Scheduling: This feature simplifies the scheduling process, making it a breeze to incorporate regular shifts into the Rota and effectively manage unassigned shifts, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Precise Personnel Allocation: You now have the flexibility to specify the necessary skills for unassigned shifts, guaranteeing that you always have the right personnel with the correct skills available, leading to improved task execution and enhanced performance.
  • Enhanced Employee Autonomy: Employees can conveniently access and request unassigned shifts through the clocking-in app, granting them greater control over their work schedules and saving you valuable time that can be utilised elsewhere.
  • Long-Term Planning: This feature allows for proactive Rota planning months in advance, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments and providing stability in scheduling, promoting a more organised and efficient workflow.
  • Effortless Replication: To further simplify the scheduling process, you can easily duplicate previously created schedules and replicate entire weeks, which is especially valuable when managing month-long patterns for some employees. This feature optimises your scheduling tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative workload, making it a positive addition to your workforce management toolkit.

Workforce scheduling


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Employee Skills

Employee Skills

Now, with the ability to enhance an Employee's profile by adding various skills such as Chef, Cleaner, First Aider, and more, you can seamlessly align these skills with your workforce schedule. Moreover, employees have the capability to possess multiple skills, each clearly distinguished by a specific colour and icon, facilitating easy identification. As a result, this process streamlines your managers' rota planning efforts and significantly reduces the time previously spent searching for individuals with specific skills. Additionally, since all skills are readily accessible on the Rota and drafting bench, your team gains immediate access to crucial information for the purpose of efficient workforce scheduling. This time-saving measure empowers your managers to not only streamline operations but also explore new opportunities and tasks, all thanks to the extra time they will have at their disposal.

The benefits of this feature include:

  • Enhanced Workforce Flexibility: You can now empower your employees by expanding their skillsets, allowing for greater versatility in task assignments.
  • Efficient Skill Matching: Seamlessly align the right skills with your workforce schedule, ensuring that tasks are allocated to the most qualified individuals, which leads to improved productivity.
  • Streamlined Rota Planning: Employees' multiple skills are clearly identified with specific colours and icons, simplifying the rota planning process and reducing the time spent searching for skill-specific personnel.
  • Quick Access to Skill Information: With all skills readily accessible on the Rota and drafting bench, your team gains immediate access to vital information, promoting efficient workforce scheduling and better resource allocation.
  • Time-Saving Measures: The streamlined process saves significant time for your managers, allowing them to focus on exploring new opportunities and tasks, ultimately enhancing their productivity and the overall efficiency of your operations.

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