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Tracking Employee Hours - Cost of Living Crisis

The Importance of Tracking Employee Hours – Cost of Living Crisis

We are all feeling the pinch of the ‘Real World’ at the moment, whether you run a business, run a household, or even if still living with Mum and Dad. The average price of bread has gone up 15 pence in two years, but that is nothing to the increase you have seen in your wage bill when tracking employee hours for payroll. Between Inflation and Interest Rates going up, more goals are feeling unobtainable. So, here are three reasons why an employee attendance tracker is great to help protect your wallet, business budgets & employees pay. 1. Accurate Clocking […]

Workflow automation

Workflow automation – What is it?

The Employee Attendance Cloud system offers a feature called Workflow, and we often get asked what workflow automation means, and how it can benefit a business. The Wikipedia definition of a Workflow is “A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity, enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information.” In plain and simple terms, Employee Attendance Cloud workflows allow a company to automate reporting and alerts without having to log into your account. Reports and alerts that can be automated within Employee Attendance Cloud can consist of key […]

Track Annual Leave

The best ways to track Annual Leave

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to track Annual Leave, and whether it’s better or worse to use a comprehensive online tracking system. Employers need to track annual leave, but using Excel and other outdated tools take time and can cause frustrations. Let’s take a look at the best ways to track annual leave and see if spending out on an easy-to-use online tracking system is all you need. What is Annual Leave and why do I need to track it? Annual leave is a statutory holiday that employees are entitled to take each year. It is usually […]

Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools

Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools

Employee attendance is a key part of the employee management process, so having the most useful employee attendance tools only makes sense! It’s important to track employee attendance so that you can make sure that your employees are working when they’re supposed to be. This is in order to accurately calculate their payroll. Not only will Employee Attendance software save you money on time theft or human payroll errors. But it will enable you to ensure productivity and department-wide output. Companies spend millions in terms of time and money to hire employees, invest in training them, provide them with all […]

Janet Waterstones

Meet the team – Janet

If you invest in an Employee Attendance Cloud system, chances are you will have a chat with our Project Coordination lead, Janet. Janet has been a valued member of the Chronologic admin department for the past six years and so this step-up just made sense. So today you lucky ducks get to find out about the organisational skills behind your system roll-out. What is your Employee Attendance Cloud role? Project Coordination / Administrator. How long have you been at Chronologic? 7 Years. What is your favourite part of your job? My job is pretty varied – I like that, as […]

Online Attendance Management System

Online Attendance Management System

In today’s article, we’re going to be looking at the benefits and reasons for investing in an online attendance management system. There are many benefits for businesses for regular attendance and punctuality. This is why many organisations, no matter if they are small or large, keep a record of hours. However, it can become difficult to keep track of attendance. Especially if employees are required to work off-site, there are multiple shift patterns or overtime is required. Even making employees clock in and out can be difficult and keeping track of absence can become a nuisance when we are talking […]

Centralised HR Data

The Importance of Centralised HR Data

Do you have Centralised HR Data? If not, why? Using data to make informed decisions about HR management and the workforce can greatly benefit your company. But the process of gathering data from multiple different platforms can be challenging. Especially if you don’t have reliable software to track all of it in one place. This can make it difficult to spot trends and changes in your employees and manage them effectively. Making HR management much more time-consuming than it needs to be. If you’re looking for ways to simplify HR management and save yourself time, consider implementing a centralised database. […]

improve your company with cloud-based software

The Impact of Changing Work Culture: How to improve your company with cloud-based software

To improve your company with cloud-based software takes more than money. It takes a cultural shakeup. Especially if your business still relies on legacy technology, such as on-premise services. In today’s article we’re going to look at the impact a cloud-based roll-out will have. How to ensure you get your employees on board and expectations vs. reality (i.e. how to re-align your business expectations with software reality). How to create a good work culture with technology Simple – technology takes away tedious tasks, such as collating employee hours or calculating pay, and leaves your employee’s to get on with more […]

Payroll and Workforce Management software

Payroll and Workforce Management software go hand in hand

Payroll and workforce management software should always be in sync. It’s the only way to ensure your business runs more efficiently and profitably. Payroll professionals are the backbone of the workforce. Without them, employees wouldn’t get paid on time, and you’d have to deal with constant problems. Many people don’t realise how complex the payroll process is. The challenges – staying on top of ever-changing regulations, addressing errors, and post-payroll services such as tax and more. If your employees are your greatest asset, to ensure that you retain your best talent, processing payroll accurately is paramount. If mistakes are made, […]

Why your workforce management software is not working

Why your workforce management software is not working

Workforce management is an important element of all business departments, but it can be a time-consuming and inefficient task to manage. The right workforce management software can help you make sure that your employees are lined-up to do their jobs. It will also help keep track of the financial cost of labour on your business and provide insight into the kind of work environment you need to create. Overall a system should help organisations run efficiently by streamlining operations and ensuring the best talent is in the right position at all times. It also acts as a virtual personnel database […]

Reporting on your Employee Data

The Importance of Reporting on your Employee Data

Sophisticated businesses are always looking for ways to gain insights into their company’s performance. So it should come as no surprise that there’s an increasing demand among small and mid-sized businesses in reporting on your employee data. In this article, we take a look at how employees’ data can be used in order to learn more about your business. Resulting in you making better decisions and improving overall results in the future. Workforce reporting There’s no such thing as a great company without a strong workforce. That’s why it’s important to report on your employee data so you can obtain […]

Employee Attendance for Health Care

Health Care Attendance

Health Care Attendance is a huge task. Whether you are a smaller rural doctors surgery or a big inner-city hospital. Tracking and maintaining records of hours worked are vital for the healthcare sector. Today we’re going to tell you why… Reasons to track Health Care professionals attendance Keeping track of attendance in any sector is important for the sake of maintaining a healthy workflow. And if any industry needs a solid workflow – it’s health care. No shows, sickness and any unauthorised absence have a huge impact on the service that your organisation will be able to provide. Unlike a […]

Employee Attendance Cloud Software

Employee Attendance Cloud Software Benefits

Employee attendance or time and attendance is one of the key areas that many businesses struggle to handle effectively. From payroll management to employee work hours, time tracking plays an important role. So when it comes to improving productivity and streamlining business processes, the lack of an efficient time-tracking system can be a real hindrance. Luckily, cloud-based software has emerged as the solution for many businesses as it can help you reduce employee absences, improve communication, and increase employee productivity. Why employee attendance is important for your business Employee attendance is important for several reasons. First, it helps to ensure […]

Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker

We are all aware of the importance of an Employee Attendance Tracker for both the employee and employer. Why? Because an attendance tracker is an important tool that can help you keep track of the hours that employees are working. This data can then automate overtime, pay, and other benefit calculations. Importance of tracking employee attendance As a business owner, you may have given your employees the freedom to come and go as they please. You want them to enjoy their work environment and give them the liberty to do so. However, there are times when it is important for […]

Employee Absence in the UK

Employee Absence in the UK

The cost of employee absence UK, in terms of its financial impact, is something that all businesses need to consider and manage. Whatever the sector they operate in and regardless of whether they have staff who work full-time or part-time. The reasons for absence can vary from one person to another, but the results are the same – you could be losing out on productivity and profitability while your business pays out money that it can ill afford to lose. Here we look at employee absence from both the perspective of UK businesses. We’ll also explore some of the different […]

Onshore Software Support

Why Is Onshore Software Support Important?

Today we’ll be talking about onshore software support. We’ve all been there. Something goes wrong, you call your products helpdesk number and you’re diverted halfway across the world. The location of the call centre doesn’t matter – but the quality of work you receive does. Instead of accurate, relatable answers in line with your business needs and frustrations, you’re given the same old lines. It can be frustrating. What is onshore support? Onshore support refers to getting assistance from someone who lives in the same nation as you. Onshore is the polar opposite of the popular offshore service, which means getting services from […]

Egyptian Attendance Records

Egyptian Attendance Records

It appears that calling in ill is a longer-standing custom than we thought! You just can’t make it some days, whether it’s a scorpion sting or you’re busy brewing beer. It turns out that Ancient Egyptians kept track of their employee attendance on stone tablet-based registers. The British Museum has revealed a tablet dated from 1250 BCE that provides a fascinating glimpse into Egyptian life. The 40 employees named are given a star every day they were absent, which might be due to illness or family responsibilities. The tablet (called an ostracon), is crafted out of limestone and inscribed in red and black in […]

Digital Attendance System

Top 5 reasons to switch to a digital attendance system

A digital attendance system can transform the way that many people work. Why? Not only is the system designed to help with wage transparency and accuracy. But it will ensure that businesses have access to a host of reports. Meaning insight into labour costs, departments costs and much more. Check out our top five reasons why you should switch your attendance system to an online, cloud-based solution. Like Employee Attendance Cloud. 1. Paper-based systems are outdated and inefficient. A paper-based system is not only time consuming, but also expensive to maintain. You spend hours each week going through paper-based data, […]

Tracking TOIL leave

How To Track TOIL Leave

Tracking TOIL leave can be a nightmare for businesses. Unlike overtime pay, Time Off In Lieu involves a business replaying extra time worked with un-paid time-off. This means attendance records need to be accurately maintained to ensure employees don’t take too much or too little time. Today we’ll be talking about the need for an Employee Attendance Management System if your business has a TOIL policy. What is TOIL? Time Off In Lieu is a legal term that refers to the time an employee is authorised to take instead of overtime pay. This time can be used for any purpose, […]

Absence measurement and management

Absence measurement and management

Everyone wants their employees to be happy, but it’s not always easy to see how they really feel. This is where absence measurement and management come in. One of the best ways to measure and manage employee morale at work is by monitoring employee absence and presenteeism. Especially when you can look at it over a period of time. If employees are often absent or late, it is an indication of how they feel. This could be a professional or personal issue, but either way, it affects your business productivity. How can we measure employee time and attendance? Absence measurement […]

Employee Attendance for Estate Agents

Employee Attendance for Estate Agents

Estate agent attendance tracking is incredibly important. Why? Because the sector relies on moving parts constantly. Whether you have a traditional high street shop or an online organisation, one thing remains the same – your agents are on the move. Tracking their hours is therefore vital so that you can track the cost of labour against the cost of your sales. Why Track Estate Agent Attendance? The way that we sell houses has changed and continues to evolve. One or two agents in an office won’t do. Houses are being flipped in a day, often hundreds of people asking for […]

5 employee absence facts infographic

5 Employee Absence Facts

1. Sickness absence costs British employers £9 billion a year Sickness absence costs British employers £9 billion a year. According to the Health and Safety Executive, this amount is equivalent to over £3,500 per worker per year.  These figures only include the financial cost of sickness absence from employment. Unpaid sick leave does not show up in this figure, but it still represents a significant loss of productivity for businesses across the country. Sickness absence can be very costly for your business. It can cause loss of productivity, increase in your expenses and reduce the company’s profitability.  Here are some […]

A Beginners Guide to Taking Employee Attendance

A Beginners Guide to Taking Employee Attendance

Taking employee attendance regularly plays a vital role in maintaining discipline in any organisation and effective utilisation of resources. Having a clear idea of who is attending work and who is not is vital. It allows you to see trends in the attendance patterns, identify and deal with issues at an early stage and create policies that can better manage your workforce. It also helps to prevent time theft and fraud, as well as keep track of time off requests. Here is our beginner’s guide to taking employee attendance. Why do you need to take employee attendance? Taking employee attendance […]

Short-term work absences

Managing short-term work absences

Short-term work absences might not seem like a big deal. But constant disruptions can cost employers significantly.  Why? Loss of productivity, the cost of replacement staff, the detriment to the working culture and more. Although there will always be workers who take advantage of their situation. Sometimes what can seem like ‘pulling the led’ can often be an illness or disability. In these cases, employers must offer the appropriate help to keep their employees at work and safe.  Today we’re going to be looking at short-term absence. The reasons. Ways we can reduce it. And the ways we need to […]

Employee Attendance Support - Cameron

Meet the Employee Attendance Cloud team – Cameron

In this edition of meet the team, we’re looking at the newest member of the Employee Attendance Cloud support team – Cameron! Cameron joined the team deep into the COVID pandemic and had to quickly (and remotely) find his feet. Luckily, as anyone who has chatted to him knows – he did. The UK-based Chronologic Support Team is one of our greatest assets, so today, we’re going to find out more about one of the team. Read on to find out what he loves about the system and where his favourite place in the world is. How long have you […]

Biometric clocking in the workplace

How to use biometric clocking in the workplace

Writing the perfect employee clocking process can be hard, but with biometric clocking in the workplace, you can make sure that no one’s stealing time from your business. Face scanning, fingerprint recognition, and temperature-based clocking all ensure that your employees are actually in the office when they say they are. So you can trust their time cards and give out accurate paychecks. The three most common biometric employee clocking options are fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. Since the COVID-19 pandemic there has also been a rise in biometrics with temperature scanning options. Here’s how they work and why they’re better […]

Employee Absence 2022

7 Ways to Curb Employee Absence 2022

We’re kicking off this year right. Getting straight to the issues you want to know – how to curb employee absence in 2022. This isn’t just about telling you the reasons why our product can help you. Although we will obviously point out a few ways! But giving you seven clear paths you can take to save on labour costs. After all, employee absence is a significant and expensive problem. And it can negatively impact the culture of your company and your bottom line. Our absence stopping top-tips: If you want to take steps to curb employee absence in 2022, […]

Attendance Management Software and Remote Worker Productivity

Attendance Management Software and Remote Worker Productivity

Can Attendance Management Software support Remote Worker Productivity? Yes! With more workers than ever choosing to adopt a hybrid or completely remote working structure. Ensuring you have the best technology available to support remote productivity is vital. Don’t panic, implementing an employee attendance solution that helps you to manage your staff more efficiently is one of the greatest methods you can choose. Not only will the software ensure no bias management across your workforce, but it will offer a transparent and simple way for workers to track their hours. Manage the workforce more effectively: There are a few things that […]

Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

Employee Absenteeism in Distribution

Employee Absenteeism in distribution can quickly spiral into a huge issue, especially if it affects clients. So finding software that can help make sure your company runs efficiently is vital. In the logistics industry, worker absence is common due to the multitude of moving parts and remote workforce. Efforts to minimise absenteeism need to therefore be accurate and easy to use. As well as accessible for all your management team. With the distribution issues of 2021 looking to run well into the next few years, we could be entering the era of labour shortages. So workers not showing up as […]

Employee Attendance in Manufacturing

Employee Attendance in Manufacturing

Employee Attendance in Manufacturing is vital. Why? Without workers, you have no produce. Despite this knowledge, absenteeism is a huge challenge manufacturers face daily. The productivity killer doesn’t just lower production, but in some cases can cease it altogether. If you run a production line, and one of your employees who check for quality is off, the chances are you have others to pick up the slack. But if one of the employees who run the machinery is absent- this can have a negative effect across the entire line. Unlike other industries, Manufacturing is disproportionately affected by attendance concerns since […]

Construction attendance System

Employee Attendance for Construction

Employee Attendance for construction is a vast field. What other industry has so many types of labourers, contractors and departments working alongside each other? And let’s not even get started on the vast sliding scale of pay. You’re not going to have the same rate for a standard bricklaying assistant, as you would say a roofer or plumber. Then there’s the factor of locations. Are you all working on one site, or across multiple locations? And what about projects, do you need to track time spent on each project (say a house or commercial letting)? See, suddenly tracking construction workers […]

Workforce Schedule Employee Attendance Cloud

Workforce Scheduling UK

In the UK, Workforce Scheduling is the method of creating schedules for your employees working hours. Sounds simple right? Well, it’s not. Availability, increases or decreases in workload, seasonal fluctuations, and personnel availability are an issue when scheduling a workforce. Workforce scheduling software can support the scheduling process by automating shifts that are perpetually the same. But you need to ensure you have the right data available and input to do this correctly. Digital software still helps you with an easy-to-use digital platform for easy shift filling and more. Bye-bye spreadsheets of doom. How does Workforce Scheduling software work? Workforce […]

Employee Attendance Cloud Demo

Employee Attendance Demo – Now Live

Accessible, accurate Employee Attendance demo now live on the Employee Attendance Cloud YouTube channel. The end of 2021 is drawing nearer. So many people look to the next financial year and beyond are asking; what do I need for my business to thrive? Staffing management, whether that be scheduling, department cost tracking, labour optimisation, HR and more is always a priority. After all, without employees, your business would produce nothing. Looking for employee attendance software, however, is exhausting. There are thousands of options on the market. All looking to sell you their version of tools. So, how can we help? […]

Attendance Management Systems 2022

Top 5 Attendance Management systems for 2022

Whatever your sector, looking ahead for your business needs is never a bad thing – so get searching for your Attendance Management Systems for 2022! After all, the nights are getting darker, the smell of bonfires and cinnamon is in the air, and businesses are beginning to ramp up (or down) for the end of the year. And unlike the dreaded C word (Christmas!) you can never be too early to implement a new business software wish list. To help you get to grips with what’s available, we’re counting down our top 5 attendance management systems. If you have any […]

How to Improve Employee Attendance

How to Improve Employee Attendance

If no one shows up for work, meeting corporate objectives might be challenging! You’ll need to know how to improve employee attendance, quick. Poor attendance not only depletes the morale of coworkers who pick up the slack. But also raises labour costs and lowers productivity. Absenteeism hurts your company’s financial line. The average number of sick days taken in 2020 in the UK was 3.6 days lost per worker. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you have 20 employee’s, that’s 72 days (or almost 2.4 months) lost to unexpected absence. Sickness can sometimes have more negative connotations as well. […]

Employee Holiday Tracking

Employee Holiday Tracking – the good, the bad, the needed

Whether you have one or one thousand employees, Employee Holiday Tracking is vital. Not only does it ensure that your business is prepared for absence, but it also ensures you’re not overpaying staff for extra days or unauthorised absence. So why is Employee Holiday Tracking such a pain? Businesses often rely on systems that are simply too old and ineffective to track and manage their workers time off effectively. In this article, we’re going to discuss what happens when you don’t have holiday tracker software, how holiday tracker software can help your business and which features you might need to […]

Cloud-based workforce management software

Cloud-based workforce planning software

Have an on-premise workforce planning system, or no workforce management system at all? Discover all the reasons why Cloud-based workforce planning software is the way forward. We’re not going to argue to effectiveness or reasons why you need to get workforce software, a time and attendance solution or an employee attendance system. We’re simply going to outline why, whatever software you choose, belongs in the cloud. Benefits of moving your attendance system to the cloud Centralised data With a cloud-based workforce management account, you know all your data is in one place. Usually, depending on the SaaS software, it has […]

Meet the team - Simon

Meet the team – Simon

To make sure that you get to know the team behind our Employee Attendance system, we’ve interviewed them all, so you don’t have to. Our aim is that if you’re an existing customer, or someone simply thinking about reaching out – you’ll feel more confident about doing so. I mean, when you know someone’s favourite place in the world, asking for a quote isn’t that tough. Simon Walsh – Employee Attendance Cloud commercial lead How long have you been at Chronologic? 5 years! What is your favourite part of your job? We are helping businesses solve problems and improve […]

Employee Attendance improvement plan

Employee attendance improvement plan

Five-day plan to optimise your labour An employee attendance improvement plan is an affordable and sure-fire way to make sure you’re getting the most of your workforce. Great employee attendance is vital to your business’s survival. If your workers don’t show, you’ll have no output! In this article, we’ll outline our top tips, the software that can help you maintain near-perfect attendance and a five-day plan to kickstart your time and attendance process. Top-tip: Remember, when an employee exhibits persistent absenteeism, your company’s first objective should be to find a solution to prevent it from reoccurring, not simply punish. Day […]

The ultimate guide to Employee Attendance

The ultimate guide to Employee Attendance

Employee Attendance is not just tracking hours or clocking people in and out; it’s about the measures your business takes to ensure productivity. A comprehensive employee attendance process will not only help keep employees at work, but will minimise unauthorised absence, boost productivity and offer a fully transparent process for attendance issues in the workplace. Contents: Just click on the section you’re most interested in below to skip ahead: Why do you need to track attendance? Signs that your organisation needs an attendance management system Why use employee attendance software? The cost of absenteeism The best way to track employee […]

Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime.

Attendance control has traditionally been approached using time clocks, timesheets, and time tracking software, but attendance management goes beyond this to provide a working environment which maximizes and motivates employee attendance. Recently it has become possible to collect attendance data automatically through using real-time location systems, which also allow for cross-linking between attendance data and performance.