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Efficient time and attendance clocking systems are the bedrock of most workforce management software; after all, efficiently planning and tracking your employees’ attendance is the most essential part of optimising your business operation and costs.

The first step, therefore, is deciding which clocking method or methods best suit(s) your business model. Do you have a workplace where protective clothing such as gloves are needed to be worn on a frequent basis? If so, it may be better to avoid fingerprint machines and consider facial or other contactless options. Are you often using temporary sites and then moving on when once a project is finished? In that case, a physical clocking machine may not make as much sense as using the app combined with our NFC tag (EAC Wave). Do you have many hybrid/remote or travelling employees? Perhaps the app is the best solution for you.

Providing you with a Clocking Machine that Offers you not 1 but 4 Ways to Clock In!

Not sure which clocking method you want your employees to use? There’s no need to choose. The CBM41 offers you the chance to clock in using multiple verification methods, all on one sleek, robust and affordable clocking machine. Give your employees the option of biometric fingerprint or facial recognitionRFID swipe cards or key fobs or clocking in using a simple employee PIN ID number. Our new, easy-to-use, 4-in-1 clocking machine uses the very latest technology, with space to store 1,000 fingerprint codes and 300 unique facial algorithms as well as unlimited RFID clockings using either a proximity card or fob.

Even more conveniently, employees can clock in and out using any combination of the four methods. So if, for example, they clock in using their fingerprint but work a long day with chemicals or at a building site and either cannot or prefer not to clock out using the same method, they can use a pin, RFID card or facial recognition instead. This offers you unbeatable flexibility and the guarantee that, one way or another, no clocking data will be missed.

Employee clocking machine
Flexible Options

Flexible Clocking Options: Empower Your Team with Choice and Convenience!

Fortunately, when it comes to clocking in and out, Employee Attendance Cloud makes the procedure quick, accurate and extremely straightforward. It does this by collecting your employees’ working hours data and uploading it to your cloud account in real time where it is stored alongside all of your other, equally valuable information. This data is accessible to you whenever you need it, wherever you are.

You can choose from several different clocking methods for your employees, or you can use them all, giving your staff the ability to select the method that best suits the way in which they work and their workplace environment itself.

Our state-of-the-art multi-clocking machine means that you can have some workers using fobs, others using fingerprint or facial recognition and others using their smartphone. The important thing is you need never miss a piece of clocking data again.

Efficiency and Flexibility: Empower Your Team with Our Smartphone Clocking App

Free, as an option, for every one of your employees as part of your EAC account, clocking in using our smartphone app provides each worker with their very own clocking method, as well granting them a series of other benefits such as allowing them to check their timesheets and request holidays, etc. A geofencing option means you can be sure that your workers are at the correct workplace when they are supposed to be, giving you peace of mind as well as accurate data.

Clocking-In App
Biometric Technology

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Biometric Clocking Technology

Every worker takes their hands and face to work with them, meaning that biometric clocking is about as secure a method as you are ever going to find – no lost fobs, and absolutely no buddy clocking or time theft. Choose from fingerprint or facial recognition or use a combination of both, with our multi-clocking machine, which stores unique codes for each employee and will only allow them to clock in if the finger or face being presented is a match with the code stored on the system for that person.

Streamline Attendance Management with Reliable, Contactless RFID Technology

One of the more traditional methods of clocking in and out, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Attendance Systems – otherwise known as Proximity Clocking Machines, have been used for years in almost every sector imaginable, and are a reliable, robust and contactless option. Employees clocking in this way, with these clocking systems, will need either a fob or swipe card, which they hold up to the machine in order to clock in and out.

RFID proximity clocking
EAC wave clocking

Effortless Clocking with NFC Technology for Convenient Attendance Management

Our latest clocking system, the EAC Wave, is our most flexible option to date when it comes to providing a physical location at which employees can clock in, and for just £25. With no cables of any kind to configure, the NFC tag is embedded in a simple adhesive sticker, which is attached to your chosen wall or surface. It is used in conjunction with the EAC smartphone clocking-in app.

No Phone Signal or Internet Connection? No Problem!

All of our clocking systems methods include our Store & Forward technology, meaning that if your employee has no smartphone signal, or your clocking machine has temporarily lost its broadband connection, all clockings will be stored and forwarded as soon as a connection to the Employee Attendance Cloud system is re-established.

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