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Why choose a Clocking-in App?

Clocking in via app clocking systems offers employers and employees the ultimate experience in flexible time tracking.

Our state-of-the-art clocking-in app not only promotes a healthier workplace by eliminating the need for shared hardware and minimising the risk of germs but also empowers your workforce with the freedom to clock in and out from anywhere, whether they are on-site or on the move.

Furthermore, you can discover the convenience of EAC's clocking-in app for employees, which is included absolutely FREE with all subscriptions. This powerful tool enables your team members to take charge of their own attendance and absences, giving them the flexibility to request time off effortlessly, anytime and anywhere!

Clocking-in app

NEW Features

Anti-Buddy Clocking

With this new feature of the clocking in app, you can enhance security by locking the login to a specific user after their initial login using their user number and password. Consequently, the app will remain locked to that user number, preventing any unauthorised changes. This is particularly beneficial if you suspect multiple users may share the same phone for clocking in.

Moreover, in addition to this anti-buddy clocking feature, the app continues to offer the store and forward functionality. Even in areas with no signal, you can be confident that the correct person is clocking in at the right time. This assurance eliminates the need to constantly follow up with employees, saving your managers valuable time that can be allocated to other important tasks.

App Kiosk Mode

The clocking in app now offers another exciting new feature: kiosk mode operation. This is particularly beneficial when you have a tablet on-site for all your staff. They can effortlessly log in with their number and password, clock in, and log off. Afterward, the app returns to the login screen for the next person, creating a streamlined process with a single clocking point on-site. This approach proves invaluable for individuals without smartphones or those who prefer not to use their phones, ensuring that all employees can conveniently clock in and out. As a result, your payroll team will have access to an accurate record of hours, making payroll management a breeze.

Free App Clocking

What are the benefits of EACs free App Clocking?

  1. NEW Anti-buddy clocking:

    You can confidently embrace the fact that the individual intended for clocking is indeed the one engaged in the process. This assurance effectively mitigates time theft, resulting in substantial cost savings for you.

  2. NEW App kiosk mode:

    By mounting a single tablet at the entry point, your entire team can actively clock in, providing an effective solution for employees who may not prefer using their phones.

  3. Simple, on the go clocking:

    Imagine having the incredible power of EAC right in your pocket, always within arm's reach!

  4. GPS location lockouts (geofencing):

    Set geofences around your sites and locations to ensure that your staff are in recognised locations before they are allowed to clock in and out.

  5. Clocking, even when there is no signal:

    Our Offline Clocking feature is available on the free clocking app, so that employees can clock-in at locations where there is no signal, and the location and time will load in the Cloud Account when signal is resumed.

  6. Historic timesheet information:

    Employees can log into the app and view the previous eight weeks’ worth of clocking history to keep an eye on their previous worked hours.

  7. Holiday requests and status:

    Requesting time off, and knowing the status of a holiday request has never been so easy. Employees simply log into the app and get an instant view.

  8. Access to employee schedules:

    Employees can view their upcoming working patterns or shifts, as soon as they have been created within the system.

  9. Easy to use to help with staff acceptance:

    No matter whether you have come from a different system, or paper-based calculations, it’s user friendly and convenient to help staff get used to it quicker.

  10. Can be used in conjunction with EAC Wave:

    The wave can be stuck to any non-metallic surface, at any location, for quick and easy clocking.


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Capabilities of the EAC Free Clocking-In App

Efficient Clocking-in and Out: Enhance your employees' daily routines with the convenience of a single touch. They can effortlessly clock in and out, and even choose cost centres as needed. Welcome precise time tracking into your workflow!

Streamlined Scheduling: Our app empowers your employees to conveniently access their schedules, putting their weekly, daily, or monthly hours at their fingertips. This helps foster better communication and reduces the need for frequent calls from employees inquiring about their shifts.

Employees have the opportunity to view unassigned shifts, and they can proactively request to fill these shifts, as long as they possess the necessary skills associated with the shift.

Accurate Timesheets: Effortlessly manage your employees' working hours with accuracy. Our app offers comprehensive timesheets that enable you to effortlessly monitor hours worked, scheduled workdays, and more. It's the ideal tool for ensuring accurate pay calculations and maintaining transparency.

Holiday Management Made Easy: Streamline holiday tracking for both you and your employees. Effortlessly keep tabs on remaining, taken, confirmed, and requested holiday days, in addition to upcoming public holidays. Promote collaboration and avoid scheduling conflicts with ease.


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Unlock total attendance control with our geofencing clocking-in app

With our cloud-based time and attendance system, you'll experience seamless control like never before. Additionally, this state-of-the-art system not only alerts managers promptly about late arrivals, missed clock-ins, or unexpected no-shows but also includes a complimentary app for all subscriptions. Furthermore, this app empowers you to take charge by setting location restrictions for clock-ins.

Moreover, Geofencing, our innovative solution, ensures that employees can only clock in or out when they are on-site or within the predefined location boundaries you've outlined on a map. Additionally, you can easily restrict app clocking to specific locations and communicate clearly to your employees that physical presence on-site is a prerequisite for successful clock-ins and clock-outs.

Furthermore, even in areas with poor signal reception, rest assured that the app records the precise time and location. As soon as a connection is re-established and the app is active, it reports the accurate data and hours worked, ensuring you maintain unwavering control over your workforce's attendance records.


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