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Clocking in via app offers employers and employees the ultimate experience in flexible time tracking.

Not only does it ensure each employee has a personal clocking in and out method, therefore stopping the spread of germs and upkeep of any hardware. But it also enables employees to clock in/out wherever you need them to be on-site or on the move.

A recent study of more than 9,000 workers found that 83% would prefer a hybrid working model moving forward, meaning clocking in methods would need to be available in multiple locations.

The Employee Attendance Cloud time clock app includes

  • Time tracking with GPS location functionality (geofencing)
  • Employee timesheet information
  • Annual leave status and bookings
  • Employee holiday request
  • Employees see when they are scheduled to work
  • Clocking, even when there is no signal

App clocking benefits

To help your managers keep an eye on budgeting, employees can select the cost centres where they need to track their time.

This will enable management to trace the gross cost of their employees and help make business decisions using the data insight.

Remember, time tracking is standard practice across a host of sectors and your clocking data is food for Employee Attendance Cloud. With employee hours reported correctly, the system can sort, display and automate tasks, such as payroll data.

Holiday request Employee Attendance Cloud app

Calendar view Employee Attendance Cloud clocking in app

Timesheet Employee Attendance Cloud app

What can the Clocking in App do?

Holiday functionality: See remaining, taken, confirmed and requested holiday as well as any upcoming public holidays.

Calendar: Employees can see their rota hours by week, day or by monthly overview. Save managers the interruption of 'what shift am I working' calls.

Timesheets: See hours worked, scheduled days to work and more. This tool is perfect to flag any missed clocking on the employees' side and gives workers transparency in their expected pay.

Stopping time theft and buddy clocking

If you're fed up with employees not clocking in at work, or not fully clocking in and out. Adopting a clocking app can help stop workers dragging their feet on time and attendance.

Not only will a cloud-based Employee Attendance system alert managers of late, missed clockings, or no shows, the app, which comes free with all subscriptions, will allow employers to restrict the locations where employees can clock.

Geofencing works by only allowing employees to clock in or out when they're on-site, or within your set parameters.

Just limit app clocking to specific locations and let your employees know that they have to be on site to clock in and out.

Even if there's no signal when employees clock, the clocking time and location will be reported once a connection is restored and the app is on - keeping you in control with the correct data and hours reported. No excuses. No time theft.

Employee time clock systems

We also have a range of other clocking options including Biometric Facial or Fingerprint Terminals with RFID Card or Fob clocking options.

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