EAC Wave Clocking point

EAC Wave – NFC Time Tracking

Effortless Time Management with Wireless NFC Clocking

Knowing not only when but where your staff are clocking in is vital information for many businesses. But with clocking in machines often costing upwards of £200, if you find yourself in a position of needing several to cover various sites, the financial investment needed can become a significant obstacle. Especially if you are working on a project basis and only need to set up a clock in point temporarily or are in an area where WIFI/GSM connection is not viable.

Enter the Wave Clocking Point

The Wave sticker works in conjunction with the EAC Clocking in App and uses near-field communication (NFC). NFC is now commonly featured on the majority of smartphones and tablets and is the technology that has made contactless payments possible. Wave features an encrypted NFC tag, which is then embedded into a sticker that you can place wherever you want or need an additional clocking point.

What’s so great about Wave?

  • There are no cables/configuration of any kind. You just stick it on the wall/surface/vehicle of your choice (not a metallic background, however).
  • It costs just £25 (plus VAT and shipping).
  • It’s quick and easy to use, requiring just the EAC smartphone clocking in app and NFC.
Wave clocking point

Effortless Employee Time Tracking, Simply Wave to Clock In

When your Wave arrives, simply fix it to your chosen surface, then register the unique ID number that comes with it onto your account, along with the name of your location (Main entrance, Sales, Site A, etc.)

Add Wave as a clocking method, then enable the Wave clocking option for the employees who you want or need to offer this alternative to. When those workers log in to their EAC app, they will select their relevant cost centre/department and then have the choice of clocking in using the app itself or via Wave.

When managers / supervisors check the clocking data, it will clearly show how each employee clocked in and, if using Wave, at which location.

Obviously, not everyone will have NFC on their phones, and that doesn’t matter – with EAC you can mix and match the clocking in methods your employees use. Some can clock in using the app and others may use a biometric clocking machine or an RFID proximity fob. Wave is simply another, extremely convenient and affordable option designed to help your business run more smoothly.

Effortlessly Integrate NFC Time Tracking with A5 Wave Stickers

You will receive an A5 Wave comprised of two parts; the left-hand section which is the actual NFC-embedded sticker, measuring roughly 9cm x 12.5cm. The “Tap Here” section in the centre is where the tag is located and instructions are visible for how employees need to use Wave.

When it comes to placing your Wave stickers at your chosen clocking points, simply peel off the left section and stick it straight onto a clean, non-metallic surface.

Geofence clocking employees in
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