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Easy, accurate Holiday tracking

Are you currently using paper forms or spreadsheets for Holiday Tracking? Let us show you a better way to manage annual leave!

Forget drawn-out approval processes, and handling multiple requests for the same popular August or December vacation week.

No more filling out paperwork or keeping track of cluttered spreadsheets.

Sound like a dream? With Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic, it's a reality.

Access a centralised, up-to-date record of absences, meaning you can plan ahead more efficiently.

Best of all, everyone gets their own digital calendar to keep track of their holiday requests, as well as a summary of their time off. This can be accessed via a web browser or the App.

With Employee Attendance Cloud:

  • Employees can request holiday using a smartphone or device.
  • Managers are alerted when holiday and absence requests are made.
  • Management can also see who else is off before they approve a request.
  • Employee Attendance Cloud calculates holiday entitlement for you.
  • Run a range of reports to analyse your absences.
  • These reports can be automated, using the Workflow tool.

Key features:

Holiday status and planning

Holiday status, bookings and other absences. A clear view with new entries added as you need to.

Holiday tracking calendar

Holiday tracking employee attendance

Holiday management

Employees can now request holiday online via their App, managers simply review and approve or decline. Clear tools show holiday bookings and status making sure businesses can see their staffing levels to protect production.

Holiday reporting

Track holiday - always know the status of every employee in a single report, what their balances are and if these might be building up towards the end of the year or at busy times.

Absence software

10 hours saved per employee per year with holiday tracking

An example of the time you can save with a holiday management solution in place.

Why do you need Holiday Tracking functionality?

Most importantly, and obviously – holiday tracking will take care of all your holiday calculations automatically, so you don't have to.

The automation of this will reduce your holiday administration time meaning your team can devote more time to running your business and less on employee admin.

Holiday tracking functionality will help ensure you don't end up short-staffed by accident because the software will alert you of any time off conflicts, as well as demands.

Remember, there's more to annual leave than just coping with the chaos of multiple requests, there's a legal aspect to consider.

Employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid vacation per year, and to stay compliant with UK working legislation, you may need to prove this if asked.

An Employee Attendance Cloud system will do the maths for you, making sure you stay compliant and have peace of mind.

Know your workforce - Accurately track absence

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