Employee holiday tracker

Employee Holiday Tracker

Effortless Holiday Management with Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC)

When it comes to managing your holidays, do any of these sound familiar? Are you efficiently handling paper request forms, ensuring all signatures are in place? Do your employees occasionally use verbal approvals with trust? Are you seamlessly managing scheduling, even during overlapping holidays? Or perhaps you’ve accrued unused holiday days that offer flexibility for temporary staff…

With Employee Attendance Cloud (EAC), you can optimise your holiday management experience and embrace a streamlined, transparent, cloud-based time and attendance system that will enhance your holidays to a new level of convenience and flexibility.

Employee Holiday Tracker
Help your business with holiday management

Optimise your Holiday Tracking Process and Empower your Team

Incredible possibilities await! EAC empowers you to effortlessly streamline the holiday approval process, replacing the old paper-based method with a quick and efficient workflow that takes just minutes from start to finish.

But that’s not all – it’s not just employers who reap the rewards; your employees will also experience significant advantages from EAC’s streamlined holiday management process.

This is how it works:

  • Employees request the holiday days they would like to take via the EAC employee app or by logging into the web portal.
  • When the requests are sent, the employee’s line manager or supervisor can be sent a notification, alerting them that someone has asked for time off.
  • The manager / supervisor can then cross-check the requested dates against their team’s absence status, using the built-in availability view, to see who else has holiday or absence booked, to avoid under-staffing issues or any potential shortage of a necessary skillset.
  • The holiday can then be granted or denied, and the employee will see the updated request in their app in real time.
  • EAC also automatically keeps the score of days/hours taken and remaining for each employee, meaning you won’t need to worry about calculating this every time.
  • You can also run automated reports to view absence histories, using the Workflow Tool.

Better still, every employee can view their personal calendars, time cards and rotas, including their holiday requests (granted and refused) and a status report on days already taken and their remaining balance.

Holiday requests

Safeguard Operations and Ensure Compliance with Automated Employee Holiday Tracking

With the right solution in place, you’ll not only enhance your operations but also safeguard against potential staffing shortages. This proactive approach will not only protect your bottom line but also ensure you remain fully compliant with UK working legislation.

There’s a lot of maths involved in effective holiday tracking, and EAC will do it all for you, taking care of all your holiday calculations automatically, so you don’t have to. By automating holiday administration processes, your team can devote more time to other tasks and less on employee admin. Our holiday tracking functionality will also help to ensure you don’t end up short-staffed by accident, because the software will keep you on top of any conflicts with time off.

It’s important to emphasise that annual leave involves more than just the handling of multiple requests; it also involves legal considerations. Employees have a right to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday per year, which includes entitlements to Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)*. TOIL, in particular, provides your employees with flexibility, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their extra hours worked and offering them a valuable benefit. To maintain full compliance with UK employment laws, you must be prepared to provide proof when necessary.

To simplify these calculations, including TOIL, and to ensure accuracy while adhering to all regulations, the Employee Attendance Cloud system is the solution for you. It actively manages the math, giving you peace of mind in fulfilling legal obligations.

*Note – Time in Lieu is not governed by any specific UK employment law. It is a working arrangement that is agreed between you and your employee.

Essential Functions of EAC’s Employee Holiday Tracking System:

Holiday status
Employees can get a clear calendar view of their current holiday status, booked time off, and other absences. Managers can add, modify, or delete absence and holiday entries in the system as and when they need to.

Holiday management
Employees can request time off via their app. Managers simply review the request and then either approve or reject. Clear tools show existing holiday and absence bookings and statuses, making sure businesses can see their staffing levels before making a decision, to protect their productivity or staffing levels. Additionally, the system allows for the management of Time Off in Lieu, where employees can request time off in lieu of overtime worked.

Holiday reporting
Track your workforce’s holidays and Time Off in Lieu. Always have access to the holiday status of every one of your employees in a single report; what their balances are and if these might be building up towards the end of the year or at especially busy times. This comprehensive reporting feature ensures that businesses can effectively manage both regular holiday time and time off in lieu to maintain optimal staffing levels and productivity.

Holiday planning is just one of EAC’s many functionalities that have the power to dramatically transform the way your business operates, saving you considerable admin time and stress along the way – as well as money.

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