Rota planning

Rota Planning

Streamline Processes, Foster Transparency, and Boost Productivity

Rota planning offers several workforce management benefits for your business and employees. Planning your rota ensures that the right number of employees, with the right skillset are scheduled for each shift, optimising the allocation of resources. This helps prevent overstaffing or understaffing situations, maintaining a consistent level of productivity and reducing employee costs.

Rota, scheduling or shift planning is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing and hospitality, where multiple employees need to be scheduled to ensure smooth operations and efficient use of resources. Effective planning leads to better operational efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and improved customer service. It helps your business strike a balance between meeting business needs and promoting a positive work environment for employees.

Rota planning solutions
Rota Planning

Effortless Rota Management, Streamline Your Scheduling Hassle-Free

Employee Attendance Cloud rota planning software will do all the heavy lifting for you, with a range of features and functionality that can be tailored to fit the way your business operates. This includes a number of options for managing your shifts and rotas depending on your needs, which could be demand-led, doubles, four-on-four-off, part-timers, and so on.

You can also add and amend shifts as and when required, or just copy them over from one week to the next and make quick changes as needed.

Of course, workers can see their planned shifts in the EAC Employee App. Any additions or changes made to an employee’s shifts will immediately be updated to their app, so they’ll always know what hours they are scheduled to work.

EAC’s sophisticated software will also automatically rectify any shift change with the corresponding change in budgeted hours, meaning that you can see immediately whether a holiday request granted is financially viable, as well as avoiding holidays that coincide with fellow colleagues.

Seamlessly Adapt to Flexible Working Patterns with EAC

If you’re dealing with more flexible working patterns that can sometimes result in extra shifts that suddenly need covering, EAC not only allows you to see a detailed view of the week, but also to drag and drop your shifts into place to meet your demands. On top of this, there are also tools available that support your budget planning and management, maximum working hours and more.

Remember, effective rota planning streamlines operations, promotes fairness, and improves employee satisfaction, ultimately leading to better organisational performance and success.

Rota Scheduling
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