Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Reporting with Automated Workforce Management Software

The value of automated reporting with workforce management software, generate reports and analytics automatically using our software. This automation streamlines your reporting process, saves time, ensures accurate data and provides real-time insights into workforce performance and productivity.

Benefits of automated reporting in workforce management software:

  • Time savings: Automated reporting eliminates the need for manual data entry and report generation, saving significant time for HR and management teams.
  • Increased accuracy: Automated reporting ensures data accuracy and consistency, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies in workforce-related information.
  • Real-time insights: With automated reporting, you can access real-time data and insights into various workforce metrics.
  • Compliance and transparency: Automated reporting can help ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations by accurately tracking hours worked, leave entitlements, and other important metrics.
  • Customisation and flexibility: Many automated reporting tools allow for customisation of reports based on specific organisational needs.
  • Strategic insights and decision-making: Managers can make informed choices about staffing, resource allocation, and training based on real-time information.
  • Efficient communication: Workflow management streamlines updates on employee attendance, probation periods, and certificate / training dates without the need for constant logins, enhancing automation and efficiency.
Automated Reporting System
Automated reporting

Access Critical Data On-Demand with EAC’s Automated Reporting

Thanks to Employee Attendance Cloud’s automated reporting feature, you can rest assured that the moment you need important information, you can have it. Effortlessly and immediately. EAC automatically turns your employees’ clocking and records information into actionable data, which your managers can then use to make decisions regarding your daily business operation.


Effective absence management is a key part of any business operation. EAC’s Absence Reporting will keep you informed and on top of absence types, employees’ absence histories, trends and any staff issues that may need further attention.


Your staff is always your most valuable resource. Keep a check on key employee dates, important HR and H&S data, qualification and training statuses and any data you have recorded for your employees. All of your records in one easy-to-find place.


How can you know when something hasn’t gone to plan? With the EAC Exceptions Reporting tool. Track actions and outcomes, and receive clear reports on outstanding exceptions for review management, with clear data available for dealing with repeat offenders.


Get a quick and simple overview as to the holiday status of your team. Know in minutes who has how many days / hours remaining to book and see clear indications of any large build-up of outstanding holiday balances towards the end of the year or at particularly busy times so you can plan ahead.


Gain a clear view of any employees who repeatedly start late or leave early, forget to clock or abuse their break times. Spot regular offenders and see how much money you may be losing in time theft, before deciding the most appropriate course of action.


Take control of lateness before it starts to affect your staff morale. Identify any employees who are serial offenders when it comes to late arrival and see the hours you are losing because of it. The report highlights their planned start time, actual clocking time and any lost time.


Know when notes have been added by managers and review both the history and detail of the comments made. This tool is perfect for any disciplinary actions you decide to take or payroll admin notes.


Of all the reports EAC offers, this is the one that could actually save a life. Log into an up-to-date Fire Roll Call directly from your smartphone or tablet, which you can take with you as you evacuate. Performing Fire Roll Calls is simplified, accurate and available at the point of need. Let’s not underestimate just how important this can be.


Experience effortless payroll reporting with us. We guarantee accuracy in hours and pay rule application, eliminating errors. Access your data instantly, customise reports, and export for easy integration with your payroll system. Simplify your payroll process with us.

Manual vs Automated Reporting

The biggest advantage of automated reporting is that it minimises the chance of human error. As reports can be saved as templates, they can be re-run on a regular basis and shared across the organisation to ensure consistency. Automated reporting will not only help you to be more organised, it will remove the burden of manual report compilations, saving you time, money and valuable resources, which you can put to better use elsewhere.

Reporting using Employee Attendance Cloud can also save you having to hire an analyst or extra admin team member. In fact, the list of advantages to this function just goes on and on…

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