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Staff Absence Management: significantly improve efficiency

Investing in workforce management software for time and attendance and staff absence management can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, improved employee satisfaction, and better decision-making, ultimately contributing to the overall success of a business.

Key Features and Benefits of Workforce Management in Time and Attendance and Absence Management:

  • Accurate Tracking for Improved Accountability: Automated time and attendance systems ensure accurate tracking of employees' work hours. This enhances accountability by minimising instances of time theft, lateness, and extended breaks, thereby boosting overall productivity.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Precise attendance data enables optimised resource allocation. Businesses can align staffing levels with demand, preventing overstaffing and reducing labor costs while enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined Administrative Processes: By automating time and attendance tracking, HR and payroll teams can streamline administrative tasks. This frees up time for more strategic activities, enhancing overall departmental efficiency.
  • Data-Informed Decision Making: Access to attendance data empowers informed decisions about staffing, scheduling adjustments, and resource allocation. This data-driven approach optimises workforce planning and management.
  • Employee Self-Service and Engagement: Automated absence management facilitates employee self-service for requesting time off, viewing leave balances, and tracking absences. This transparency enhances employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Reduction of Unplanned Absences: Effective absence management identifies absenteeism patterns, allowing businesses to address issues early. This proactive approach reduces unplanned and excessive absences, benefiting overall productivity.
  • Customised Reporting Capabilities: Workforce management systems offer customisable reporting features. Managers can generate reports on attendance, absence trends, and other metrics for informed decision-making and performance evaluation.

Staff Absence Management


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Absence management

What is Staff Absence Management Software?

Staff Absence management software allows you to define, track and report on absence, whenever necessary, swiftly and conveniently. This streamlined process not only saves your organisation precious time and resources but also simplifies administrative tasks. This means you and your team can refocus on what truly matters - enhancing productivity, refining the customer experience, or delivering the top-notch service your customers anticipate.

Interestingly, many employers often overlook the importance of absence management simply because they lack access to a dependable cloud-based software like EAC. Our solution offers seamless, effective absence management that effortlessly sheds light on the overall absenteeism scenario.

Various factors can contribute to employees missing work, leading to absenteeism. However, one of the most straightforward challenges to address is the accurate tracking of employees' clock-in and clock-out patterns.


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The absence management features that Employee Attendance Cloud offers:


For an employer, it's not enough just to know which workers are out, you also want to have at least a rough idea as to why. This makes light work out of spotting trends and repeat absentees further down the line.

EAC allows you to use your existing Absence Reason definitions without having to accommodate pre-defined ones, meaning that you can continue monitoring and reporting absence, as you do now, but using EAC's comprehensive absence reporting capabilities.


Employee holiday requests are a cinch with EAC; all requests are electronically time stamped allowing them to be granted on a fair, first come first served basis, with a clear audit trail. Employees simply log into their personal EAC smartphone App and can see an overview of their existing holiday bookings, balance and any pending requests.

Requesting holidays via the app is simple and delivers an immediate request notification to their line manager in the EAC system.


Line Managers and Administrators will be presented with a clear view of the employee's calendar, showing their personal holiday status, approved bookings, days remaining and any other absences. Annual leave requests made via the EAC clocking in app will be reflected on employee balances when once they have been approved or rejected.

Or you can see the status of every employee in a single report, including what their balance is and if these might be building up near busy times or towards the end of the year.


For managers familiar with using TOIL as a method to spread hours or as an employee benefit, you'll understand the importance of a system to help. EAC makes it easy for managers to oversee and track accrued time of in lieu electronically.


Get the complete picture regarding your team's overall attendance and absence bookings, allowing you a clear view of employee availability, when it comes to managing holiday requests, and ensure minimum staffing levels are maintained when considering whether to approve or deny requests.


EAC can send out an alert to the relevant manager or administrator, meaning you can deal with the issue in good time. These alerts notify managers when an employee's absence is unexpected, unauthorised overtime claims or incomplete scheduled hours.


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Why is Absence Management Important?

Absence management carries immense importance for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it ensures your business optimises resources by effectively managing absenteeism. Secondly, it can help identify any persistent absences, which may hint at deeper issues within the workplace requiring your attention. Finally, it aids in upholding an environment of fairness and boosts staff morale, particularly among your most committed team members. These benefits effectively eliminate the feeling of discrepancy that can arise from frequent, unaccounted absences.

In every industry, regardless of business size, effective absence management is paramount to maintain productivity and address issues promptly, preventing them from escalating.

Prioritising your team's wellbeing is at the core of our software. EAC's real-time absence tracking and reporting enables managers to proactively and swiftly redirect resources to areas most affected by absenteeism, regardless of the cause.

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