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Absence Management can be a real challenge

Considering holidays as well as medical and unplanned absence is a mammoth task for any organisation.

With Employee Attendance Cloud, you can define absence management, track, and report on it through our software.

This will help managers identify patterns of absenteeism, as well as stop them from being bogged down with administrative tasks, leaving them to manage your business productivity instead.

Types of Absence:

  • Planned absence - Annual leave/holiday.
  • Unplanned absence - Due to illness or other, unforeseen circumstances.
  • Micro-absence - Lateness, leaving early etc.

Absence reasons

Employee Attendance Cloud will let employees select the relevant option for their leave request via the Clocking in App or web browser. This option could be holiday, TOIL or other allowances as set by your business.

Not only will this make approvals easier, but will highlight absence reasons instantly.

Holiday transparency

Each employee calendar will show details of all holiday status, bookings and other allowed absences.

Annual leave requests can be made via the Employee Attendance Cloud app and will be reflected on employee balances when approved/rejected.


Employees will be able to easily manage and track their TOIL balance and requests via web browser.

No more guesswork. Calculations are made in real-time.

For managers:

Absence reasons

It's not enough to just know people are out, you want to see why. With Employee Attendance Cloud you can create absence reasons making approvals a breeze. This will also highlight absence issues and trends.


See your teams overall attendance and absence bookings (a complete picture of who's working and who's not) allowing a clear view of employee availability when planning or managing holiday requests.


If you use TOIL as a method to spread hours or as an employee benefit, you'll know how difficult this can be to manage. Employee Attendance Cloud makes it easy for managers to oversee and track. No more paperwork or spreadsheets!

Holiday and Absence Reporting

Track absence histories, patterns or issues with comprehensive reporting when you need it.

Know the status of every employee in a single report, what their balance is and if these might be building up near busy times or the end of the year.

Exception Alerts

When employees don't show, are late, don't complete their hours, claim over time that's not approved, or miss their clocking, Employee Attendance Cloud will alert you so that you can deal with the issue in good time.

Why is Absence Tracking and Reporting Important?

Absence tracking is essential for all industries to stay productive and detect problems with staff morale or burnout.

On top of staff wellness, reporting and tracking absences in real-time allow managers to redirect resources to areas that are impacted by absenteeism, whatever the reason.

Absence Management

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