Innovative Clocking Machine Revolutionises Employee Attendance Tracking

Our New Multi-Method Clocking Machine

In a significant stride forward in workforce management solutions, Employee Attendance Cloud is proud to introduce the CBM41 Clocking Machine. This stellar addition to our line-up combines style, durability, and high-tech functionality, set to redefine how businesses oversee employee time and attendance.

Unmatched Versatility: Four Clocking Methods in One Clocking Machine

The defining feature of the CBM41 is its versatility. This clocking machine boasts four different clocking methods: biometric fingerprint, pin number, RFID clocking, and facial recognition. What truly sets the CBM41 apart is the flexibility it offers. Employees can use any combination of these methods to clock in and out. For instance, an employee could clock in using their fingerprint, but opt to clock out with facial recognition, an RFID clocking, or a pin number. This adaptability is particularly valuable in roles where hands may become dirty by the end of the shift.

Such innovation ensures the CBM41 Clocking Machine never misses any clocking data, providing businesses with precise and reliable attendance tracking. By marrying employee flexibility with data integrity, this clocking machine offers a leap forward in workforce management.Storage capabilities are another impressive aspect of the CBM41. It can store up to 300 unique facial algorithms, accommodate 1,000 fingerprint codes, and manage 1,000 RFID users, making it an exceptional choice for businesses of all sizes.

With the launch of the CBM41 Clocking Machine, EAC reinforces its commitment to pioneering workforce management solutions. Our mission is to provide businesses with tools that don’t just meet their needs but also flexibly adapt to their unique workplace requirements.

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