Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Provides Easy to use, Real-Time and Accurate Information about your Staff Attendance and Hours.

Struggling with managing staff hours and payroll? EAC’s cloud-based Time and Attendance solution offers real-time, accurate tracking of your workforce’s attendance and hours. Our system simplifies payroll, overtime, and break regulations while handling everything from holidays to unexpected sickness absences effectively.

Unlock your workforce’s potential with an EAC account, offering comprehensive time and attendance features and revolutionary workforce management.

Why Choose EAC?

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track employee attendance and hours with precision.
    • Instantly identify discrepancies and staffing shortages, enabling quick adjustments to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Simplified Payroll Management: Automate complex calculations and reduce errors.
    • Speed up the payroll process and reduce administrative costs by minimising manual interventions and the potential for human error.
  • Comprehensive Features: From planned holidays to unexpected absences, manage it all effortlessly.
    • Streamline scheduling and ensure optimal staffing levels, improving overall workforce satisfaction and reducing turnover rates.

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Time and Attendance system

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  1. Time Tracking: Record the amount of time each employee spends on the job including regular hours, overtime, and paid time off. It also supports customisable pay rules to accommodate complex pay structures and overtime calculations.
  2. Overtime Calculation: You can automatically calculate overtime hours based on predefined rules, such as the number of hours worked in a day or week that exceed regular working hours or specific thresholds.
  3. Staff Absence Management: Track and manage employee leave, including holidays, sick leave, and other forms of time off. Enabling employees to request time off directly through the system, which supervisors can review and approve.
  4. Roundings & Grace: Round up or down employee clocking times to the nearest specified increment. Set amount of time after the start of the workday or before the end during which an employee can clock.
  5. Mobile Access: Our software offers a mobile app designed to provide employees with convenient access to their time and attendance information. The app can use the smartphone’s GPS capabilities to verify your employee’s location, when clocking in and out.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: You can generate various reports and analytics related to employee attendance, working hours, overtime, and other relevant data. These reports can help you analyse staffing costs, monitor attendance trends, and ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations.
  7. Integration with Payroll: Our time and attendance software integrates with payroll software, allowing seamless transfer of attendance and work hour data for accurate and efficient payroll processing.
  8. Store and Forward: Our Time and Attendance Software’s “Store and Forward” feature ensures reliable attendance data capture even during internet outages, minimising disruptions and enhancing data accuracy.

It Saves Time & Money, & Which Company Doesn’t Want to do That?

The aim of the game is to help you collect, collate and sort through all of your important employee clocking-in data with just a few clicks, giving you instant insights into staffing costs, employee time keeping, time taken on breaks, planned absences (such as holidays), unexplained absences and much more.

As the information is all stored on your cloud account, you can access any aspect of it at any time, enabling you to make informed decisions and take any action you consider necessary.

Using Time and Attendance software offers several advantages, including the fact that it will make extremely light work of automating your payroll processes, ensuring that your employees regular hours and overtime hours are calculated perfectly for the hours they’ve worked. It goes without saying that your employees will be very happy about this.

But if you were to ask any of our clients, they would unanimously state this as the main advantage:

What Employee Attendance Cloud offers


Timesheets are automatically filled in with accurate employee clocking times using any of our smart and simple clocking options. What’s more, when it comes to your employees’ hours, all of your rules are automatically applied ensuring records are 100% accurate.


Need to know who’s absent and why? Create your absence reasons to record and report on employee absence by type. This will help you to highlight any absence issues and / or trends that may need further attention or action.


When it comes to time and attendance, “SHIFT RULES” are our secret weapons. These rules aren’t just about schedules; they’re about boosting efficiency and making every moment count.


Simply set your Overtime rules when you start using the system, and going forward they calculate perfectly every time, saving you time and money! You can also set alerts for unplanned overtime worked, ensuring you are fully compliant with Working Time Regulations.


Rounding and grace can be set up to calculate hours, ensuring that it does not include time when your employees leave work early or clock-in late. Simply set these attendance rules once and they’ll apply automatically to every clocking time.


EAC allows you to define your break rules and then be alerted if they’re broken or over/underrun, allowing you to track any employees who are repeat offenders, and create reports for HR to take action.


If you use TOIL as a method to spread hours or as an employee benefit, like so many businesses do, EAC will automatically manage and track your employees’ TOIL balances and requests for you, so you can stay on top of everything.


Need to plan and report by department / site? We can create up to 20 different cost centres for you. Employees simply need to select their relevant cost centre when clocking in and their time will be recorded to it.


Be alerted to activity within your EAC account that requires a manager to action a response as and when they are required, such as no-shows, unexpected absences, short hours worked, unplanned overtime and even holiday requests.

Time and attendance management system

Five Reasons Why your Business Needs to Monitor Attendance

  1. Easy Payroll Calculations – EAC does all the leg work for you when it comes to collating all your employees’ clocking-in data, so at the end of your Pay Period you simply export a report that takes into account all of your clocking rules.
  2. Managing Attendance – Being prepared as a business is now a walk in the park. EAC helps you to know when your employees are working or if they are taking time off, making you more prepared for the future.
  3. Real-Time Data – Knowing where your employees are, and more importantly that they are at work is vital to the day-to-day running of any business. With digital time and attendance software, you can see this detail instantly with the click of a button.
  4. Historic Record Keeping – Finding all your clocking-in history is a breeze with EAC. Reports, Timesheets and Change Audits are all available so you know what previously has happened within your business at all times.
  5. Guaranteed Accuracy – Time and attendance systems like EAC do all the hard work for you, using your companies individual clocking rules, which means they are 100% correct. Doesn’t that sound nice!

Experience Unparalleled Flexibility and Customisation with Employee Attendance Cloud’s Time and Attendance

Employee Attendance Cloud offers you and your workforce much more than a standard time and attendance system, going above and beyond the normal two or three pay rules and rates to provide your business with a more customised product.

If you find you don’t need some of the functionality right now, just forget about it – the software is there to make your life easier, so you choose what functionality you require and simply ignore the rest. All of the features are included with your Employee Attendance Cloud account – there are no extra costs for one functionality over another, meaning you are free to access as many or as few functions as your business needs.

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