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Time and attendance

Time and Attendance (T&A) is more than clocking, it's everything you need to track your workforce hours and optimise your processes such as payroll, work rules and more.

With an Employee Attendance Cloud account, you can enjoy access to all of our workforce management suite of tools, including our comprehensive employee time and attendance functionality.

Employee Attendance Cloud Time Attendance

What our Time and Attendance component includes:


Overtime calculations are automated meaning no more manual admin time wasted. You can also set alerts for unplanned overtime worked, saving money on time theft and ensuring compliance with Working Time Regulations.


Fed up of employees being paid for clocking in early, or being paid a full shift when clocking in late? Use roundings and grace! With this tool, you simply set your attendance rules once and they'll apply automatically.

Shift rules

Easily set the shift rules that matter most day in, day out. The system applies your rules to the hours accrued so you don't have to check and amend them each time. It also monitors and alerts you when things go awry and need your attention.


5 minutes here or there can add up over a year. Especially if you have multiple employees. Define your break rules once and be alerted if they're broken or over/underrun. Track serial offenders and create reports for HR and any disciplinary action.


If you use TOIL as a method to spread hours or as an employee benefit, Employee Attendance Cloud automatically manages and tracks TOIL balances and requests.

Absence types

Need to know who's absent and why? Create your absence reasons to record and report on employee absence by type. This will help you to highlight absence issues and trends.

Cost Centres

Need to plan and report by department/site? We can create up to 20 different departments for you! Employees simply select their department when clocking and their time will be recorded to it.


Be alerted to key employee issues when they happen, such as no-shows, absences, short hours worked, unplanned overtime and even holiday requests. Know when there is work that needs your attention.

The Employee Attendance Cloud T&A Dashboard

Log in and have a clear view of today's status including how many of your team are clocked in, no-shows, sick or on holiday. You'll even know if you have any new starters or birthdays. A click or two takes you straight to the detail and relevant part of the system where any exceptions can be managed. All the information in a single page!

The Employee Attendance Cloud Dashboard

More detail can be accessed from the previous 7, 14, 30-day view options. This helps you or your line managers be on top of things like absence requests, unauthorised overtime, missed clockings, target (scheduled) hours not fulfilled and more.

Time and Attendance dashboard

Why do you need all this?

A time attendance management system should be at the core of your business management strategy.

It manages clocking data and applies your day-to-day rules, so that you save money on payroll, save resources by stopping unauthorised overtime and absence, and save time by automating simple workforce calculations.

An example of how our time and attendance break functionality can save you money.

Employee Attendance Cloud functionality offers more than a standard time and attendance system, going above and beyond the normal two or three pay rules and rates to give your business more customisability.

If you find you don't need some of the functionality, don't use it! All of the tools are included with your Employee Attendance Cloud account. No extra expenses for one functionality over another. We offer a cloud-based login and play system for all your time and attendance management needs.

Break functionality can save you money

Time is money - We can help you control it

Cut labour costs | Control absenteeism | Prevent time theft