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Why use Workforce Planning Software?

Workforce planning tools are designed to help optimise your labour force and ensure you have the people available to meet your staffing demands.

With output per worker falling 9.6% over 2020, adopting a workforce planning system is essential to help boost this.

With Employee Attendance Cloud you'll get functionality above and beyond simple shift planning, with the ability to amend schedules in real-time, as and when labour changes need to happen.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with this quick, easy, centralised tool.

Workforce Planning scheduling

What can you do?

  • Easily rota shifts and working schedules that optimise staff time and your labour budget.
  • Set up fixed, rotating, continental or other shift patterns once and they will roll on until changed.
  • Copy and paste, drag and drop or import details into your schedule.
  • Review the rota at any time and amend staffing and shifts to suit. Employees can view what shifts they are on via the clocking in app.

Why do you need to digitally schedule employees?

Studies have found that online scheduling helps to enhance employee well-being through satisfaction with schedule flexibility and job autonomy.

Depending on your workforce, creation and measurement of a workforce planning model can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Not only do you need to think about ensuring you have the right number of staff, supervisors and managers to meet your production needs.

But also, that all your shifts are covered, that you're compliant with Working Time Regulations and have a contingency plan for unplanned absences.

It's no wonder that research shows that workforce management is freeing up 7-12 hours of managers time each week and creating a 5% increase in productivity.

What is the goal of workforce planning?

Workforce planning is more than just scheduling employees.

It offers a chance for you to ease administrative burdens and offer transparency for your employees.

According to a 2021 survey, one of the four top benefits shift workers want most is schedule transparency and flexibility.

All planned hours instantly enable correct timesheets, reporting and identify absenteeism, lateness and variance between planned and actual labour costs.

Thanks to the real-time changes, payroll data will always be up-to-date for export, which can be done via the system in just a few clicks.

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