Workforce management automated reporting

Workforce Management Automated Reporting: your new best friend

Let’s talk about reporting—a word that can elicit a strong reaction in even the most capable employees, much like the excitement of embarking on a thrilling adventure. It might make your heart race with anticipation, your palms tingle with excitement, and fill you with a sense of accomplishment. Even if you enjoy creating reports (and there are a few who do), it’s a process that can’t simply be described as ‘simple and quick.’

Now, enter the world of automated reporting

Employee Attendance Cloud, our efficient and cloud-based workforce management software, offers a treasure trove of user-friendly, highly practical, and incredibly valuable features. Among these, automated reporting, also known as Workflows, stands out as the unsung hero—an indispensable tool you never knew you needed until it became an integral part of your work life.

With automated reporting, bid farewell to weeks of data collection, preparation, and report generation, and say hello to a few effortless clicks that yield a ready-to-use report. In fact, the automated reporting feature on EAC is so intuitive and produces such invaluable insights that it’s no exaggeration to say it can and will revolutionise how you manage your business.

The Outstanding Benefits of Automated Reporting

  • Instant Access to Essential Data
  • Effortless Report Generation with a Click
  • Swift Error Detection, Preventing Potential Issues
  • Empowering Valuable Insights for Informed Decisions
  • Significant Time and Cost Savings

At EAC, we transform your employees’ clocking data into actionable insights through automated reporting, empowering you to make optimal decisions. Your EAC account offers an array of valuable reports.

These Reports Include:

  • Absence Reporting
  • Employee Reports
  • Exceptions Report
  • Holiday Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Lateness Reports
  • Memos Report
  • Fire Roll Call
  • Payroll Reporting

One of the most significant advantages of automated reporting over manual methods is its remarkable ability to reduce the likelihood of errors, such as misinterpreting numbers.

If you prefer not to set up automated reporting, rest assured that EAC can export reports within seconds, a task that would otherwise take weeks for employees to accomplish using traditional manual reporting processes.

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