Workflow automation

Workflow automation – What is it?

The Employee Attendance Cloud system offers a feature called Workflow, and we often get asked what workflow automation means, and how it can benefit a business.

The Wikipedia definition of a Workflow is “A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activity, enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information.”

In plain and simple terms, Employee Attendance Cloud workflows allow a company to automate reporting and alerts without having to log into your account.

Reports and alerts that can be automated within Employee Attendance Cloud can consist of key employee dates, holiday requests, exceptions and absence trends or issues!

Important Dates

Within the Employee Attendance Cloud system, you can set up expiration dates of particular certification, such as First Aid. This workflow will send you an email alert to warn you that this certification is due to expire, giving you plenty of warning that you may need to book a refresher course for your staff.

Holiday Requests

Holiday request alerts can also be sent to system users informing them when a holiday request is submitted through the employee app. This alert then allows you to keep a track of which employee requested the time off first to ensure fairness if multiple employees request the same dates.

Once the request has been dealt with, the employee will see the updated status of their holiday request, confirming if the request has been approved or denied via an automated email alert.


Exceptions are another very useful workflow automation, this will show you any edits or approvals that need to be made within your Employee Attendance Cloud account to ensure that employee hours are correct for your payroll system.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget that the Employee Attendance Cloud system is a cloud-based system, with no software to install or update! Just head to a web-browser, type in your URL and log in!

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