Why your workforce management software is not working

Why your workforce management software is not working

Workforce management is an important element of all business departments, but it can be a time-consuming and inefficient task to manage.

The right workforce management software can help you make sure that your employees are lined-up to do their jobs. It will also help keep track of the financial cost of labour on your business and provide insight into the kind of work environment you need to create.

Overall a system should help organisations run efficiently by streamlining operations and ensuring the best talent is in the right position at all times. It also acts as a virtual personnel database to help companies manage their workforce across different departments, roles, and locations.

So what if this ISN’T what your system is doing? How can you fix it, or better yet – find a new system that won’t sting you again.

Why isn’t your workforce management software working?

Firstly you need to go back to the drawing board as you should have done when looking for your ideal software. Ask yourself:

What do you need from workforce management software?

Common answers include:

  • Optimise your workforce with data-driven insights and actionable reports.
  • Manage compliance, deliver real-time KPIs and reduce labour costs.
  • The ability to easily handle tasks from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Easy setup, quick training & intuitive operation
  • Real-time status updates via mobile app, email and desktop alerts
  • The functionality to help you grow your enterprise
  • Automation tools to help complete admin tasks that you don’t have time or resources to do.

Once you’ve outlined your needs, think…

What are the limitations of your software?

  • You have to track more than hours worked – you need vacation time and payroll
  • You have more pay rules and rates than you can add to the system
  • Reporting is not as cohesive as you’d like
  • You don’t have a real-time view of who’s in or out
  • It’s too expensive for the functionality you have
  • You can’t see workforce availability when approving holiday requests
  • There’s no app
  • Infrastructure and hardware is temperamental

Technical issues

You’ve now discovered what you need and where your software falls short.

Before you reinvent the wheel and start software shopping, have you ensured it’s not simply technical issues holding you back?

There are a few reasons why your workforce management software might not be working as expected.

  1. it is possible there are some errors in the software configuration to your company’s specific needs?
  2. is the software connected to the correct network or internet connection?
  3. the software has a virus or malware.
  4. are the software’s data files corrupted?
  5. are there missing or invalid employees records?
  6. any problems with the system’s security settings?
  7. could there be problems with employee communication and use?

In cases like these, you will need to troubleshoot and resolve the issues in order for your workforce management software to work properly.

Make sure your workforce management software is up to the challenge of your business’s growth.

Workforce management software is a key component of any business.

The right workforce management software can help you identify and manage your employee’s skills, availability, performance and strengths.

Once you have this optimisation and productivity will be boosted, resulting in better output and ultimately growth.

With the growth of your business, you will need to continue to be able to manage your workforce better.

So you need more functionality and more technology – or at the very least, the ability to still seamlessly manage your workforce in an efficient manner.

Make sure that the system you have is scaleable to avoid the admin and data transfer headache in the future.

Workforce management software conclusion

Remember attendance software is not a “set it and forget it” kind of solution. You need to be willing to invest time in learning the software and training your staff and managers.

Our software is designed to help manage multiple locations, multiple employees with varied shift schedules, including part-time, temporary, on-call, and seasonal employees.

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