Unhappy staff = big problems

Unhappy staff = big problems. So, what can you do?

In the blink of an eye, it feels as though we’ve gone from ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ to ‘Tis the season to go on strike’. How has this happened? Well, although we are, without question, oversimplifying a very complex matter, decisions such as that to strike happen when workers either feel they are not being listened to, not valued, or are being made promises that are subsequently not kept. Sometimes, it’s all three; a ticking timebomb of circumstances.

No matter what your business does, your most precious resource is always your workforce. Studies have proven time and again that happy workers are more productive and more engaged with their job. They’re also less likely to procrastinate or to take unexplained absences (otherwise known as time theft, which, in case you’re wondering, cost companies in the UK billions of pounds every year).

When you have demotivated, disengaged and unhappy employees, on the other hand, your bottom line will always suffer. It will also generate a noticeable ripple effect that will impact on your staff morale as a while, as well as your company’s productivity.

There are endless possible factors behind an unhappy worker, some of them might have nothing to do with their job, and rather involve personal or health matters, for example.

But how can you make your workers feel more like part of a team? What gives them a greater sense of control when it comes to their livelihood? How can you increase their motivation in the workplace?

One thing is for certain, every employee wants these fundamental, all-too-often overlooked things from their employer:

  • To be paid correctly, and on time.
  • To feel a sense of control over their work life.
  • To feel like they are working in an environment that is fair.

One answer, but not, of course, the only answer, is to start using workforce management software such as Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic.

By accurately recording employees’ clocking information, including any overtime or different pay rates, your workers can rest assured that they will be paid correctly for every hour. It also puts an end to the low morale generated when the same colleagues arrive late, leave early and take long lunches all the time, leaving others to pick up the slack. We all know those kinds of people, right?

Employees can also use the clocking-in app or online portal to access their timesheets, which show hours worked, as well as their upcoming shifts. Better still, they can use this cloud-based system to request and manage their holidays, being able to see clearly both their used and remaining days/hours.

Sound good? Your employees will certainly think so! If you’d like to find out more, click here for some of our most frequently asked questions, and then feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will happily explain in greater detail, or offer you a free online demo to see EAC in action.

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