Holiday tracking system

‘Tis the season to chase some winter sun and the question is…

…is your holiday tracking system up to date?

Autumn has its undeniable charm; chilly mornings of blue skies and crisp, golden leaves, cosy layers and the whisper of the upcoming Christmas season. The Winter Blues are initially staved off by the sparkle and excitement of the Christmas build-up, but the dark, cold and grey days soon get the best of most of us, and before you can say “But what about your credit card bill?“, we’re searching online for some winter sun or snow to make life that little bit more bearable before the arrival of the eagerly awaited Spring. Give us blue seas or white slopes, anything but grey, please.

Post-pandemic, the desire to get away somewhere, anywhere, is still stronger than ever. But unless you have efficient workforce management software in place to process all of the holiday requests, you may well find your HR staff completely swamped.

And what about the employees who haven’t used up all their annual leave? Do you know exactly how many staff members still have days to use before the end of the year, how many days they have and which departments or sites that will affect?

Whilst many companies are now reaping the benefits of a cloud-based employee attendance and absence management system, there are still businesses, particularly smaller ones, that are using the more traditional paper-based systems when it comes to recording holidays, or spreadsheets that are often only found on one employee’s computer. Not only does this make life very tricky if and when that person goes on holiday her or himself, it is also a very tiresome and time-consuming way of going about things. On top of that, the chances of mistakes creeping in are very high. Papers get lost. Humans forget. Something slips through the net.

Anyone who is already using a good digital employee attendance system will testify to its simplicity, accuracy and efficiency. With absence management software such as Employee Attendance Cloud, employees’ requests for time off are sent to their relevant line managers, which avoids the otherwise very likely bottleneck of requests mounting up on the desk of the HR department.

Not only that, but the availability feature of the software means that, before giving four employees the same time off and realising that you unwittingly have an empty sales department for a week, you can easily see who else is scheduled to be on leave or which employees are on sick leave at the same time. This way, you’ll soon discover that, as well as time, a digital system saves your company money.

You can also use the holiday report feature to see at a glance which employees still have unused annual leave days, how many days we’re talking about, and which department they work in. This allows you to send reminders to those workers, to begin planning the time off in a calmer, more methodical manner, rather than finding your company empty for two weeks at the end of the year.

This is just one example of how an employee attendance tracker can save your company time, money and headaches. Click here to learn about our holiday tracking system.

Keeping track of staff holidays really has never been easier!

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