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Time and Attendance software: Here’s why no company should be without it

Many employers enjoy being able to offer their trusted staff the sense of what they perceive as trust and freedom that comes from being able to come and go as they choose. The liberty to be the captains of their own ships, as it were, confident they will do the hours they are meant to. This is a nice idea, but often comes with a hefty price tag. The truth is that no company in this day and age can really afford to be without time and attendance software. Let us explain why.

In the fast-paced business world, decisions often have to be made on the go. There are legal work rules that you need to comply with. There may even be a sudden need to evacuate and to know exactly who is onsite, and where.

Time and Attendance is an important part of any Employee Attendance Cloud account, in fact it’s the bedrock: knowing who is at work, when, and indeed where, is the single most vital piece of information you can have at any given moment.

Are you short staffed? Do you have the right skillset available in case of a specific circumstance should arise? If you work in healthcare, for example, has the surgeon arrived that is means to be performing life-saving surgery later on? Or, in construction, is your surveyor on site as expected? Do you have anyone in the warehouse qualified to drive a forklift truck if needed?

All of these questions can only be answered quickly and effectively if you are using a cloud-based time and attendance management system, that allows you real-time access to important business information, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Apart from being able to tell who hasn’t shown up for work, there are other key advantages that come from using reliable time and attendance software:

  1. You will save a lot of admin time. Holiday tracking, employee absence management, all of these things become so much quicker and easier with EAC on the case. All those hours spent on tedious admin is streamlined and centralised, freeing up valuable peoplepower for other activities.
  2. You will also save money, for many reasons: You won’t suddenly find yourself having to take on agency workers because you were caught short-staffed due to disorganised workforce planning. Time theft, which costs businesses billions of pounds each year, will be greatly reduced thanks to efficient clocking in methods.
  3. Payroll becomes so much easier. Accurate time tracking of your employees will make the payroll process quicker and easier than ever – and you’ll also know that your workers will be paid correctly, every time, with the relevant pay rules regarding overtime automatically applied.
  4. You’ll avoid unwittingly breaking any work law regarding break regulations…
  5. You will see improved attendance rates and boosted productivity. This is also true, and extremely important. Employees appreciate the transparency and fairness of across-the-board timekeeping, and this, in turn, reduces unexplained absences, boosts staff morale and, which is good for your bottom line, productivity levels will rise.

There are so many advantages of using the time and attendance functions offered by Employee Attendance Cloud, the list really does go on and on, especially when you combine it with the many benefits of the other workforce management features.

Why not request a free demo, and find out more? Like we said, no company should be without time and attendance software these days. If you aren’t yet using a reliable system, let us show you how your business only stands to gain.

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