Why time and attendance is important

The sun’s out! Here’s why that makes time and attendance more important than ever…

We don’t want to say this too loudly, but it seems like spring has finally arrived and we can, at last, feel a sense of summer on its way.

All we can say is, it’s about time.

Everyone knows the unspoken rules about sunshine in Britain – stop everything and get outside. Forget the housework, the TV and especially indoor cooking. It’s picnics and barbecues from now on. We have to make the most of the weather, because we know that it doesn’t last for long.

But if you’re running a company, and suspect that some of your employees may be taking this motto a bit too seriously, we really hope that you have a good time and attendance system in place. If you don’t just yet, now is the perfect time to sign up for one.

You may have a great workforce, but they are only human. And the temptation of an ice-cold beer on a hot summer’s day… can be too much to bear. Especially when they know that, if they could just leave work 30 minutes early, they can grab the table with the best view in beer garden. If they leave work on time, it’s standing room only.

This is where features like EAC’s live dashboard really become invaluable for monitoring your time and attendance. It allows you to follow, in real time, who’s in, who’s out and who hasn’t shown up for work. It will also show you a handy pie chart called ‘Targets’. By setting up work schedules within your EAC system, this pie chart will show you if your employees haven’t completed their full daily hours. From here you can go directly to your employees’ individual timesheets to see the full extent of the infringement, and if they are using the clocking-in app to clock in and out, you will get a Google Maps pin drop of where they have clocked from. Does it look suspiciously like a beach or a pub, rather than where they should be?

We can all understand the desire to be doing anything other than work on a gorgeous sunny day – but by using the valuable real-time insights into employee attendance that EAC offers you, potentially awkward situations can be dealt with long before they have the chance to turn into a much bigger issue. We say cheers to that!

Why not request a free online demo to see how EAC can lighten your load and help your business run more smoothly?

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