The Power of EAC's Clocking-in App - Here's Why You Need It

The Power of EAC’s Clocking-in App – Here’s Why You Need It

The amazing benefits and features of EAC’s Clocking-in App.

  • Healthier Workplace: Firstly, this app promotes a healthier workplace by eliminating shared hardware, thereby reducing the risk of germs. Additionally, it allows you to say goodbye to those communal time clock machines!
  • Flexibility at its Best: Imagine your team having the ability to clock in and out from anywhere, whether they’re on-site or on the move. This level of flexibility and convenience is unparalleled.
  • Anti-Buddy Clocking: Concerned about security? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with our Anti-Buddy Clocking feature, which locks the login to a specific user after their initial login. Consequently, only the right person can clock in, putting an end to unauthorised changes or time theft.
  • App Kiosk Mode: If you have a tablet on-site, our App Kiosk Mode simplifies the process. Employees can easily log in, clock in, and log off. This functionality is perfect for those without smartphones or for those who prefer not to use them.
  • Free with Subscriptions: Moreover, the best part is that our Clocking-in App is included absolutely FREE with all subscriptions. Therefore, you’re getting all these amazing features without any extra cost.
  • GPS Location Lockouts: We’ve also incorporated GPS location lockouts (geofencing) to ensure that your staff is in recognised locations before clocking in and out. Even in areas with no signal, our Offline Clocking feature has you covered.
  • Historic Timesheet Info: Furthermore, employees can access their historic timesheet information, request time off, view the status of holiday requests, and see their upcoming schedules – all within the app. The interface is incredibly user-friendly.
  • Easy Transition: Worried about switching from your current system? Worry not! Our app is designed to be user-friendly and convenient, making the transition a breeze.
  • EAC Wave Integration: Lastly, if that’s not enough, our app can be seamlessly used alongside EAC Wave, a versatile tool for quick and easy clocking.

The bottom line is, EAC’s Clocking-in App is a total game-changer. It not only makes your workplace healthier and more secure but also offers unmatched flexibility and convenience for you and your team. Say hello to efficiency and wave goodbye to old-school timekeeping methods!Got any questions or ready to dive in? Feel free to reach out – we’re here to help you unlock the power of this incredible app!

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