Tracking Employee Hours - Cost of Living Crisis

The Importance of Tracking Employee Hours – Cost of Living Crisis

We are all feeling the pinch of the ‘Real World’ at the moment, whether you run a business, run a household, or even if still living with Mum and Dad. The average price of bread has gone up 15 pence in two years, but that is nothing to the increase you have seen in your wage bill when tracking employee hours for payroll.

Between Inflation and Interest Rates going up, more goals are feeling unobtainable. So, here are three reasons why an employee attendance tracker is great to help protect your wallet, business budgets & employees pay.

1. Accurate Clocking Data

Using paper timesheets for tracking employee hours is a thing of the past – Paper is expensive and unreliable. By using an employee time and attendance system, you know that your employees clocking data will be submitted on time, with no chance of Time Theft, whilst reducing Payroll errors. Helping to protect employees by ensuring pay is correct and your wallet – you won’t be paying for extra hours.

2. Plan Hours to a Budget

Employee attendance solutions often include features to help you plan hours to a budget or create rotas. Budgeting your business, as you would day-to-day, will help you be on top of upcoming spending to help you save money or reduce your payroll bill.

Another reason for planning hours is to allow your staff a view of the hours they are doing. If your employees do not work set hours and are on Zero hours or Flexi contracts, they can calculate their wages for the upcoming payday.

3. View Exceptions

Exceptions can be beneficial also as they stop any big surprises when running payroll. Many employee attendance systems can set up exceptions for approving unauthorized overtime or missing clocks. This way, system users know ahead of time if there are any errors with payroll data before submitting – Saving you time and, ultimately, money.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget that the Employee Attendance Cloud system is cloud-based, with no software to install or update! Just head to a web browser, type in your URL and log in!

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