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We came across EAC through a Google search, and contacted the Chronologic team for more information. Soon afterwards, we signed up, and started using EAC in March 2022. Up to that point, we were managing our clocking data using an old system that relied on fobs to clock in and out.

Before EAC by Chronologic, our staff holiday requests were made using a paper process and we had no Sage report of any kind that could be uploaded straight into our Sage system. It was all a much slower, longer and more complicated process.

Team Impression

Of all the functionality offered by EAC, the one I like the most is the timekeeping accuracy – previously we had someone chasing employees for their clocking times, so EAC has definitely saved us a lot of time with this. Now around 70% of our employees use the smartphone clocking-in app and they are very happy with it for clocking in and out and managing their holidays. The geo-location fencing even means that they have to be on site to clock in. We also use biometric facial clocking machines for some of our workforce.

The service we receive from the support team is brilliant! The speed of response is great and so much better than most of our other systems providers.

Team Impressions: Case Study

System install: 2022
Number of staff: 57
Clocking method(s) used: Smartphone Clock-In App & Face Scanners

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