Streamline Operations with Our Clocking-In App

Streamline Operations with Our Clocking-In App

Revolutionising Workforce Management with Mobile Precision

Experience a new level of efficiency and employee satisfaction with our advanced clocking-in app. Designed to streamline daily operations, this app offers numerous features that enhance time tracking, scheduling, and attendance management.


Effortless Clocking-in and Scheduling with Real-time Accuracy


  • Efficient and Offline Clocking: Employees can clock in and out with a single touch, choosing cost centres as needed, and can do so even without a signal, with data syncing when the connection is restored.
  • Streamlined Scheduling and Shift Management: Employees can easily access their schedules, view unassigned shifts, and request to fill them if they have the necessary skills, reducing the need for frequent inquiries about shifts and improving communication.
  • Accurate Timesheets: Manage working hours with comprehensive timesheets, ensuring accurate pay calculations and transparency.
  • Easy Holiday Management: Track holiday requests and statuses within the app to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Anti-buddy clocking ensures the right person clocks in, reducing time theft and saving costs.
  • App Kiosk Mode: A single tablet at entry points for team clock-ins, catering to employees who prefer not to use their phones.
  • GPS Location Lockouts (Geofencing): Ensure staff clock in and out from recognised locations only.
  • Historic Timesheet Access: Employees can view up to eight weeks of clocking history for transparency.

Effortlessly Manage Attendance with Cloud Precision and Mobile Ease

Our cloud-based workforce management system offers seamless control. Managers receive prompt alerts about late arrivals, missed clock-ins, or no-shows. The complimentary app, included with all subscriptions, allows for setting location restrictions for clock-ins.

Geofencing ensures employees can only clock in or out on-site or within predefined boundaries. This feature maintains accurate attendance records even in areas with poor signal reception, reporting precise time and location once the connection is re-established. Take control of your workforce’s attendance with our state-of-the-art system, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced employee satisfaction.

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