Retro phone? Sure. Old-school clocking system? No, thanks

Vintage can, most definitely, be cool. But practical? Not so much…

Those were the days, we think to ourselves, wistfully, when today’s pace of life seems too frenetic to even begin to keep up with and we feel a longing to return to an altogether more retro way of life. Let’s face it, we all love a vintage typewriter with their clickety-clackety keys as a decoration piece, or a funky rotary phone that children nowadays have literally no idea what to do with. And there is no denying that those old-school cameras have charisma by the bucket load. Yes, the music was, and still is, awesome. The television series and blockbuster movies were also pretty great – proof of which is the fact that we continue to enjoy them.

But nostalgia can be sneaky, and often leaves us with a very rose-tinted view of the way things were that is quite far removed from reality. Case in point: can you honestly say you would happily like to go back to manually winding down your car windows, for example? Or storing your most important work on floppy disks, forgetting to label them and not being able to find that urgent document? How about paying a small fortune to discover that 30 of the 36 exp film of holiday snaps are black, blurry or overexposed.

Modern Workforce Management: Leaving Retro Behind for Efficiency and Savings

In terms of workforce management, retro is most definitely not practical. Or cool, for that matter. And when we say retro, we don’t mean going all the way back to the 1980s. Even the early 2000s paints a dramatically different picture than the one we have today. Whilst the core values of any company haven’t really changed – the aim is still to be as profitable as possible and to waste as few resources as we can in the process – massive, weighty clocking-in machines have long been replaced with small wall-mounted terminals and cloud-based attendance management systems that use biometric data or even a smartphone app for employees to clock in.

And let’s talk about paper for a minute. Paper timesheets and holiday request forms, that were so often lost or damaged, are now digital, in cloud-based employee attendance management software. This in itself has almost completely removed the costly and very inconvenient issue of human error.

If you haven’t yet invested in an employee attendance management system such as EAC by Chronologic, what better gift to give your company and yourself this Christmas than accurate payroll calculations, access to valuable real-time business data 24/7 and massive savings on admin time that can be of much better use elsewhere.

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