Attendance Management Software and Remote Worker Productivity

Attendance Management Software and Remote Worker Productivity

Can Attendance Management Software support Remote Worker Productivity?


With more workers than ever choosing to adopt a hybrid or completely remote working structure. Ensuring you have the best technology available to support remote productivity is vital.

Don’t panic, implementing an employee time and attendance solution that helps you to manage your staff more efficiently is one of the greatest methods you can choose.

Not only will the software ensure no bias management across your workforce, but it will offer a transparent and simple way for workers to track their hours.

Manage the workforce more effectively:

There are a few things that might help your remote and hybrid workers be more productive. And the most effective (in our opinion) is technology.

You can boost your personal, team, and corporate productivity with the use of technology and productivity tools.

Best of all cloud-based employee attendance software:

  • is available at any given time
  • offers real-time accurate data of workers hours
  • increases payroll processing speed
  • saves company money through employee self-service options

You wouldn’t ask a builder to work without his toolkit, so why ask a manager to manage without theirs. Especially when they can’t physically visit their workers.

How can attendance software help?

Implementing an employee attendance solution, such as Employee Attendance Cloud, will help your leaders to manage their workforce more effectively.

Attendance Management Software enables an organisation to:

  • Track employee time and attendance, wherever employees work
  • Schedule staff
  • Manage absences
  • Accurately process payroll data
  • Create detailed reports
  • Ensure HR documentation is available in one centralised place

At its core, Attendance Management Software is designed to effectively digitise day-to-day human resources data.

Instead of tracking spreadsheets, schedules, calendars etc, it automates your worker’s data and gives you all the information you need.

Data such as how much time workers spend at work – at the office or elsewhere and more is now a breeze.

Employee attendance software should also include features for tracking vacation and sick time for remote workers. That means your supervisors will be able to deal with absences promptly and efficiently.

Benefits of Attendance Management Software for remote workers

Employees can now easily request time off straight from the cloud-based solution portal or via the app.

This bypasses HR or their immediate supervisor and means they can request leave 24/7.

It also speeds up the process, as managers simply have to check their account dashboard to see any request. They can even check data requested against other leave, to ensure productivity is not affected.

For employees, the software will also help them keep track of all of their absences in one spot. It can also offer full transparency with payroll, as workers will be able to see their timesheets, hours worked, time-off and more.

Final thoughts:

Managing absences and attendance in the age of hybrid work may be tough (particularly for larger firms) but it is paramount.

Without data on your workers hours, absence and more, they are floating in a sea of unknown.

Ultimately this can lead to feelings of abandonment and lack of care.

Enabling remote workers access to self-service tools, and transparent timesheet and payroll data, will ultimately keep them productive and your managers happy.

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