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For over a hundred years Phoenix Engineering has been synonymous with ground-breaking design and high-quality products that are used all over the world. Founded in 1891, Phoenix Engineering is the UK's oldest and largest manufacturer of road construction and highway maintenance products and is still run by the Jennings family, descendants of one of the original founders.

Before EAC, we were using an antiquated Kronos system that simply didn't work for us any longer. We discovered EAC through a Google search when we were looking for new software solution. Visually, our old system would display employee data in just one long list, whereas in EAC, everything is much clearer.

Commercial Director

RFID proximity machine phoenix engineering

Of all the functionalities EAC offers, I love using it to check hours in order to manage wages. Our Factory Manager revises clockings and timekeeping and it's all very easy to use. The system has definitely saved us both time and money; we can check everyone's hours are correct prior to loading them into the Sage Payroll System - it's my favourite part of the week! There's a download from EAC by Chronologic that can be imported straight into Sage and we may well start using this in the future. The employee holiday management function is also very intuitive, with data readily available for us to access.

We have a multifunction machine that offers us the choice of biometric fingerprint clocking or RFID and our workers use RFID proximity fobs to clock in. It's a quick and easy system and our employees are happy with it.


Phoenix Engineering

Software: EAC by Chronologic
System install: Summer 2022
Number of staff: 40
Clocking method(s) used: RFID Fob clocking using a biometric fingerprint machine

Whenever we've needed support, it has been there. It's really nice speaking to someone who knows us and our business.

Commercial Director