Payroll and Workforce Management software

Payroll and Workforce Management software go hand in hand

Payroll and workforce management software should always be in sync. It’s the only way to ensure your business runs more efficiently and profitably.

Payroll professionals are the backbone of the workforce. Without them, employees wouldn’t get paid on time, and you’d have to deal with constant problems.

Many people don’t realise how complex the payroll process is. The challenges – staying on top of ever-changing regulations, addressing errors, and post-payroll services such as tax and more.

If your employees are your greatest asset, to ensure that you retain your best talent, processing payroll accurately is paramount. If mistakes are made, not only will it cause your employees distress but it can be costly to your bottom line.

With the right technology in place, however, you can avoid common payroll problems.

To do this you need to choose workforce management technology that streamlines efficiencies and maximises your admin’s productivity.

There is a myriad of reasons why Payroll and Workforce Management software goes hand in hand:

Boost employee engagement

Studies show that 49% of employees are more likely to leave an organisation if payroll mistakes are made.

This is especially true for smaller companies, which makes payroll management a crucial responsibility for any manager if they want to retain talented employees.

With a unified pay and workforce planning system, employees can check their pay, time information, and schedules from any device.

This gives them greater control over their life and work balance.

Having open communication and clear lines of sight within your company can help boost trust and engagement amongst your employees.

A system like Employee Attendance Cloud will not only automate payroll data – straight from employee clocking. But it will apply all overtime and pay rules your business needs.

At the end of each pay period, you’ll have accurate, real-time payroll data ready to export and check.

Compliance regulations

A recent survey from Deloitte showed that 81% of organisations want to improve their payroll services, and compliance is the top area of focus.

Fines, damage to credit ratings, and even imprisonment can happen when you are not compliant.

Ensuring payroll and workforce management data are the same will always ensure your organisation stays compliant with ever-changing employment laws.

Why? Because a modern cloud platform employee system not only provides real-time visibility across pay. But offers seamless reporting, so you can make sure you are compliant.

Reports can help you prove your compliance on-demand for regulations such as Working Time Regulations, timecard accuracy, scheduling rules, meal/rest breaks, etc.

Streamlining information

67% of payroll departments see technology as the biggest challenge when it comes to processing employee pay.

With timekeeping software in place, managers have complete visibility across critical business functions, allowing them to save valuable time addressing timesheet errors early in the pay cycle.

This allows for accurate paychecks on time and ensures you receive real-time updates when any changes are made to your time records.

Track, manage and resolve your payroll queries instead of spending time looking for them. With embedded analytics from a cloud solution, you can be notified of errors as soon as they happen such as absences.


Payroll is an integral part of the operations of any organisation, and we can all agree that it impacts employee engagement. But when you take a deeper look at payroll, it becomes apparent how much more impactful it really is. Payroll impacts employee engagement in every aspect of your organisation – from the manufacturing line to the head office.

By unifying payroll with a workforce management system, you’ll be able to automate all the manual tasks associated with payroll. And focus on what’s important: your employees.

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