HR and H&S features

Our Top 5 HR and H&S features

No matter what business you are running, or the sector you work in, Human Resource management and Health & Safety management are essential parts of effective workforce management. It’s only logical, therefore, that any effective workforce management software offers functionalities that help you when it comes to these key areas.

Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic (EAC) certainly ticks the boxes when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your daily business operation, offering HR and H&S tools that are not only easy to use but also stored in one centralised cloud-based system, meaning that whoever needs to access the information can do so quickly, easily and reliably.

Here’s our pick of EAC’s Top 5 HR Management and H&S Management features:

  1. Reminders of upcoming events. No-one can remember every important date, especially when you have an entire workforce to think about. There are events such as probationary periods coming to an end, a member of staff retiring or going on maternity / paternity leave and then issues that can have a knock-on effect when it comes to making sure your business is compliant with UK work regulations, such as the expiration of first aid certificates, forklift licence renewals and so on. By setting up prompts or reminders, you can be alerted when there is an important upcoming event that needs your attention, rather then relying on your or someone else’s memory. It’s fair to say it’s a lot more reliable this way.
  2. Fire roll call. This feature isn’t just useful; if you suddenly find yourself needing to evacuate your workplace and carry out a fire roll call, this feature could actually save a life. By keeping a real-time track of all of your employees working on your premises at any given time, thanks to the clocking data stored in your cloud account, EAC can, with a simple click, automatically generate a fire roll call report that can be viewed and managed on your tablet or smartphone and used to mark off your employees as present during scheduled drills or, dare we say it, real-life emergencies.
  3. Employee absence management. Keeping track of your employee attendance also means being aware when they are absent. After all, if they’re supposed to clock in and don’t, you’ll want to know why not. No business can afford poor absence management; the amount of money lost through absenteeism each year is astounding. Keeping on top of which employees are absent and the reasons behind this, is a vital part of any business operation. EAC also offers an automated reporting function, meaning you can download detailed absence reports and data.
  4. Holiday management process. It wasn’t too long ago when holiday requests amounted to a pile of crumpled barely legible papers stuck gathering dust on the desk of an already snowed-under employee, tasked with imputing them and processing them all to grant approval or return them because they hadn’t been signed by the correct line manager. Or, worse still, word-of-mouth agreements at the coffee machine that were subsequently forgotten about by everyone except the employee themselves. With EAC the process couldn’t be more straightforward. Employees request holidays using the app. The availability of other workers can be checked for the requested holiday dates, along with a review of the employee’s existing holiday status in terms of days taken and remaining, before the request is granted or denied and the employee notified of the decision. Simple.
  5. Bradford factor calculations. Many businesses view the Bradford Factor as providing a very useful piece of information when it comes to repeated short-term absences. It’s never the whole picture, of course, but it can make up an important part. EAC uses your employee attendance (clocking), and absence, data to make these calculations for you. If absence red lines are exceeded, it can then alert you to an issue with an employee that requires your attention.

These are just some of the functionalities that come as part of EAC’s workforce management software. Your EAC account allows you to use as many or as few of the tools as you feel necessary, but it should come as comfort to know that you have them there on standby to use whenever you should want them.

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