Our fire roll call software is a Superhero

Our fire roll call software is a Superhero. Fact.

An attendance tracker may just save your life. Here’s why…

By now, most people agree that there are many advantages to moving over to workforce planning software that, amongst other things, tracks your employees’ time and attendance in real time. But, hidden in the long list of fabulous features these programmes offer is one that, whilst we hope you’ll never need it, could do an awful lot more than save you time or money: it could save your life or that of an employee!

The fire roll call feature

The feature can become a literal life saver if you or a member of your team unexpectedly finds themselves needing to evacuate the workplace and carry out a roll call.

By keeping a precise track of all employees working on your premises at any given time, workforce management software such as Employee Attendance Cloud can, with a simple click, automatically generate a fire roll call alarm report that can be used to check off employees during scheduled drills or, God forbid, real-life emergencies. The roll call is directly available from your smartphone or tablet, meaning you’ll have it on you wherever your agreed evacuation point is.

This quick and easy checklist means a drastic reduction in response times when it comes to determining whether anyone is still inside a building and, more importantly, getting them out. Aside from eliminating human error, your employee attendance tracker will also make any evacuation process far quicker and smoother – and who doesn’t want that?

If that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s more: you can also set up email alerts, to receive important reports on key employee information such as first aid training, fire marshal status, etc. This means you will automatically be made aware when an employee’s certification is expiring or needs refreshing, rather than you actively having to stay on top of everyone’s training. It also means that you can easily ensure refresher courses are booked, so that you always have a qualified first aider on your team, which, let’s face it, is a pretty good idea.

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