Onshore Software Support

Why Is Onshore Software Support Important?

Today we’ll be talking about onshore software support.

We’ve all been there. Something goes wrong, you call your products helpdesk number and you’re diverted halfway across the world.

The location of the call centre doesn’t matter – but the quality of work you receive does.

Instead of accurate, relatable answers in line with your business needs and frustrations, you’re given the same old lines. It can be frustrating.

What is onshore support?

Onshore support refers to getting assistance from someone who lives in the same nation as you.

Onshore is the polar opposite of the popular offshore service, which means getting services from individuals or businesses located outside of your country.

There’s also nearshoring which is the practice of having labour or services performed by people in adjacent nations. It is related but not the same as outsourcing.

Many UK businesses, for example, outsource jobs to Poland or France.

Why is onshore software support better?

Many businesses chose to outsource their software support to onshore firms.

This is due to a variety of factors. Some companies opt to outsource domestically to help their own country’s economy. Others may be hesitant to outsource to foreign organisations that may not be subject to the same rules and scrutiny as those in the UK.

There are many other benefits of onshore support to consider, including:


The success of a project is substantially boosted if everyone speaks the same language and understands the same business culture. Clear communication is essential for ensuring that your organisation and your support team are on the same page and that the end product satisfies all of your expectations.

Faster help

Get answers for questions and concerns much quicker because you’ll be communicating within the same office hours.

Product experts

With onshore help, you’ll also be talking to people who work with your software day in and out. They live and breathe the technology and understand any frustrations you’re having.

Outsourced resources may just be reading from a script, or servicing several product helplines at one time, meaning they are a jack of all trades and a master of none.

At Employee Attendance Cloud, we pride ourselves on being friendly experts. We don’t get too techy and speak plainly. Not just to not overwhelm customers who are less IT literate, but to not over or under promise functionality.

If our system won’t work for you and we’ve exhausted every workaround going – we’ll say.

A full team experience

Knowing the software is one thing – but understanding the full product life is another. Onshore support will often sit in the same office as their sales and Marketing counterparts, meaning they collaborate to understand the product from different angles.

If you’ve received an email from your account manager and need to talk to support about it, it’s a matter of a few steps for the colleagues, rather than a few thousand miles.

Loyalty and relationships

When you’re talking about business software support – chances are the product wasn’t purchased on a whim. And therefore the business will stay with the provider, providing it continues to support and fulfil the businesses needs.

Over the years and months, relationships form between the company and their provider. Employees expect to speak to ‘their person’ and have a service that understands and remembers any issues from before.

Having to reiterate a history of support each time you pick up the phone is frustrating and will ultimately lead to disengagement.

Employee Attendance Cloud UK-Based Support

For all the reasons and more, we’ve invested in having an in-house support team, with dedicated members for each of our products.

Our goal is to deliver a superior customer experience, which is why support comes free with your Employee Attendance Cloud account.

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