Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools

Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools

Employee attendance is a key part of the employee management process, so having the most useful employee attendance tools only makes sense!

It’s important to track employee attendance so that you can make sure that your employees are working when they’re supposed to be. This is in order to accurately calculate their payroll.

Not only will Employee Attendance software save you money on time theft or human payroll errors. But it will enable you to ensure productivity and department-wide output.

Companies spend millions in terms of time and money to hire employees, invest in training them, provide them with all the facilities required for their work, and even ensure that they are comfortable at work. All of this is lost if an employee is not absent or unproductive at work.

Employee attendance is one of the major challenges faced by every business. Without proper attendance, employees can cause a lot of issues.

The best way to handle employee attendance is to use the right tools. Attendance monitoring software can help you track employee performance, detect and monitor trends, and improve productivity at work.

Today we’re looking at the Top 5 Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools.

1. Employee attendance software.

Businesses can use attendance tracking software to keep track of their employees’ attendance records.

The software will keep track of an employee’s vacation, sick leave, overtime, and absences.

With attendance monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about missing a holiday or overpaying, because the system will keep track of everything for you.

All you have to do now is approve vacation requests by checking the employee calendar for any requests that conflict.

You may also establish suitable absence levels automatically so that if your employees take more time off than is allowed, it will be highlighted.

  • Employee attendance software.
  • Tracks your employees’ attendance.
  • Automatically deducts absences from your payroll data.
  • Keeps track of sick days and vacation time allowance.
  • Reports on the absence of your employees and departments.
  • Helps you reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.

2. Employee time tracking software

Unlike Absence functionality, time tracking software is designed to track the time your employees are actually at work!

By doing this you can get a clear answer on how much time employees spend on their work. This is perfect if you have an output based business model.

It also helps you to calculate the amount of money that you are earning, as the software will show you how much labour costs are by individual, department or company-wide.

To stay on top of regulations and compliance, the data can tell you if your employees are working too much or not enough.

By having accurate clocking hours Employee time tracking software will automate a huge chunk of your payroll process.

3. HR documentation management

HR functionality software helps you keep track of your employee’s HR data in one centralised place.

Not only will this help your team work faster and smarter, but it will ensure better security and safety of personal documentation.

A HR system can help you:

  • Manage Employee benefits and pay.
  • Track employee performance reviews, disciplinary actions, and more.
  • Store all the documents that you need to keep for your company in one easy-to-use place.
  • Keep all the policies, procedures, and other documents that are important to your business secure.
  • Stay organised and make sure that everything is in order and you have a complete record of all your employee’s performance and documents.

4. Workforce planning

So you know if people are absent, what times they work, where their documents are stored.

What about WHEN they need to work?

Not all business models run on a standard 9-5 shift. And even if they do, they might have additional staff that come in for overtime or out-of-office hours.

A workforce planner tool will help you quickly and easily create rotas and schedules. No more spreadsheets or scraps of paper.

Have all your working times digitally available for your employees to view 24/7. If things need to be changed, you can do so easily with drag and drop functionality.

Workforce planning helps you manage your workforce and gives you the data to understand:

  • How many people need to do the work.
  • To plan for growth and expansion.
  • To understand the availability of your employees.
  • And identify gaps in your workforce.

5. Automated reporting

Finally, with all the functionality above giving you SO MUCH data, gaining business insight on it is a must.

But taking the time and money to hire a business analyst or trail through spreadsheets by yourself is a waste.

Instead, you need automated reporting from your Employee Attendance system.

Why? because:

  • Automated reporting software helps you to create reports with a click of a button.
  • Helps you to get the information that you need quickly.
  • Finds errors faster, fix them before they become big problems.
  • Helps you to get the right information with an unbiased view.
  • Can help you to make better decisions driven by your workforce insight.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • And makes it easy for you to see how your business is doing.

Do you agree with our Top 5 Most Useful Employee Attendance Tools? If yes, the best thing is our software can achieve it all!

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