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Looking for reasons to make the jump?

If you’re on the fence about moving over to a cloud-based employee attendance system, it may help to know what motivated other businesses to take the leap. Depending on the size, nature and demands of each organization, there can be a wide range of factors that influence the decision, but here are what we, in our experience, consider to be the Top 4:

  1. CONSIDERABLE, QUANTIFIABLE SAVINGS Of all the benefits, the sheer amount of time saved on admin work, is right up there at the top of the list. The knock-on effect of this, of course, is that you also save money, which firstly would have gone into all those hours of labour spent creating and controlling the payroll, rotas, holiday tracking, etc, but also because you may be overstaffing particular shifts, projects or departments that simply do not need it. Likewise, you may have taken on extra staff in the past to cover holiday absences because you were not aware at the time of several other workers who were already booked off. Time and money are two things you are guaranteed to save. The other is hassle. When workers can access their own timesheets and rotas, you will avoid all the “What shift am I working?” enquiries
  2. IT’S MUCH FAIRER ALL ROUND Workforce management software such as Employee Attendance Cloud is, at its heart, very much about fairness. Firstly, there are very clear employment regulations that need to be followed, with regards to break times, as well as maximum shift lengths. Secondly, it’s in everyone’s interests to make sure your workers are paid correctly. You don’t want to short change your staff; even if completely unintentional, it gives a very bad impression and would understandably affect your employees’ trust in the business. Neither do you want to be paying workers for 8 hours when they’ve only actually done 6 – time theft can, and will, cost your company dearly, both in economic terms and reduced productivity; it will also almost certainly demotivate diligent workers who see colleagues doing the bare minimum, and deliberately time-wasting, but getting the same pay at end of the month. Managing employee attendance is a much fairer system for everyone, especially your hard working, committed employees who want to know they are being paid for any overtime they put in. By tracking when workers clock in and out, you will soon see who repeatedly arrives late and be able to have necessary conversations with the relevant employees. There may be personal troubles, which is a good time to show you, as an employer, cares.
  3. BETTER & EASIER PLANNING Peace of mind is a big draw, but that is very subjective and hard to measure. However, employee attendance systems such as EAC by Chronologic are also hugely practical. You can schedule rotas in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, take an in-depth look at separate departments to see where you perhaps need to increase/reduce your budget, and can also separate costs by job/project, giving you valuable insights into exactly how long and how much a particular job has cost you in terms of workforce hours. You can also quickly and easily see holiday leave taken and planned, to avoid unnecessary clashing and to amend rotas as necessary. Tracking when your employees clock in and out is also valuable information you can pass on to clients, if they want to know exactly how long a particular job has taken.
  4. IT ADAPTS WITH YOU Life is unpredictable, and never more so, it feels, than in recent years. Businesses are constantly evolving, taking on new staff, restructuring, and, especially recently, offering flexible, hybrid and/or remote working options. These are all positive changes, but can make routine tasks such as payroll far more complicated. With options such as the clocking-in app, you can still track attendance to make sure your workers are where you need them to be, for their programmed hours, whether that’s on-site, travelling around or working from home.

There are many more reasons we could add to this list, but instead why not get in touch with our team and tell us more about your particular business needs, so that we can show you exactly how EAC by Chronologic could work for YOU. With no tie-ins and no minimum contract, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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