Employee attendance tracker

Locating employees? There’s no need to go full Sherlock*

But you can still wear the hat, if that’s your jam…

Running a business poses many challenges, not least, of course, managing your staff. If you have 4 employees, or even 15, working at one fixed location, then keeping an eye on their time and attendance is a reasonable goal, and a relatively unproblematic one, too.

Now, imagine you have 250 employees, working across 7 sites, in various shift patterns. Keeping an eye on their whereabouts, making sure they’re where you need them to be, when you need them to be there, is no longer reasonable, and will almost definitely be problematic, unless, that is, you’re running a Sherlock Holmes-type side hustle, or, (much easier) you’re using a cloud-based employee attendance tracker.

EAC by Chronologic makes very light work of both time and attendance and absence management, giving you access to real-time data that will show you at a glance where your employees are, when they clocked in, who’s absent and more. But let’s be honest, terms like geolocation, ring-fencing, facial recognition and biometric scanners can set alarm bells off in even the most laid-back, trusting of employees, which is why it’s vital to explain to them the comfort, safety and privacy inherent in these systems.

For a start, tracking is not spying. That would be illegal and very, very bad. Yes, if they use their phone to clock in, their location will show up. But only at the moment of clocking in and out, not at any other time. Geofencing is another term that is far less sinister that it sounds. All it really means is that if you need employees to clock in at a specific location, you can set a virtual boundary that will make it impossible for them to clock in further afield than say, half a mile, from your chosen coordinates.

With a choice of five methods to clock in and out, it’s hard to imagine a more versatile employee attendance tracker. And the best part is that you can instantly gain all the insights you need, from wherever you are, by logging into your account.

But there is much more to EAC than attendance management – there are many more workforce management tools that will completely change the way your business operates, saving you valuable time and money whilst boosting your productivity.

Interested to know how your business could gain from using Employee Attendance Cloud? We would love to show you! Drop us a line or send us an email and a member of our friendly team will go through it with you.

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