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Juggling rotas?

End the nightmare with Workforce Planning Tools

If the task of drawing up rotas falls on your shoulders, we empathise. Truly.

Rotas can take what feels like military-level precision to put together at times. Especially when you are manually imputing the data onto a spreadsheet and have to factor in several shifts, overtime, sick leave, holiday tracking, perhaps even multiple sites and, in addition, any special requests from employees. Just when you think you’ve done it, before you’ve even had the chance to move on to the next task, at least one member of staff will almost certainly ask for a change. Others will ask you, repeatedly, when they’re working, rather than looking it up themselves. Someone will remember they need an unforeseen holiday day. Others will talk amongst themselves and decide they want to swap shifts with a colleague.

And suddenly, you’re right back at square one. Frustrating, isn’t it?

If you haven’t already discovered the wonderful world of cloud-based workforce management tools, allow us to rock your world.

Instead of one HR person or a small team in the HR department pulling their hair out over the individual wants and needs of tens, if not hundreds, of staff members, employee attendance and management software programmes such as EAC do all the heavy lifting for you, passing the responsibility back onto staff members themselves to notify you, via an app, when they are available for work, which extra shifts they are open to taking on, as well as requesting holiday days, etc.

Giving staff greater control over their work schedule is a win-win for everyone concerned. Not only will your employees feel happier and better informed, you will find yourself making far less changes to schedules. The software also automatically rectifies any shift change with the corresponding change in budget, so you can see if a holiday request is financially viable, as well as avoiding clashing holidays with other staff members.

Save yourself time, money and a fair few headaches by clicking here to explore the many benefits of a cloud-based rota system such as EAC.

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