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“We were using an old Vanquish System before EAC, and contacted the team at Chronologic to see if they could help us with it. At the time, we were using hand scanners and our employees were sometimes saying that they couldn’t register their hands properly when they were trying to clock in and/or out, which was obviously very inconvenient for us. We’ve completely overcome this problem by using the EAC facial recognition machines, which are great!

We’ve been using EAC By Chronologic since late 2021 and would definitely recommend the system to anyone. It was really easy to set up and included one to one training sessions on the software done remotely. We now have far better monitoring, control and reporting of timekeeping and employee attendance. We run 3 x shifts 24/7 with different shift pattern rules, we also run 12-hour weekend shifts as well as normal office and factory days, the software is able to cope with it all. By applying rules to each employee, the hours are reported in the correct columns on the payroll report and EAC has saved us hours each week in term of how long it used to take us on payroll processing and preparation.

Employees also have access to the app so that they can see their clocked hours each week, this has reduced the number of payroll queries significantly. The app is used for holiday bookings as well so that employees can request days off, and with limited access of the software given to line managers they are able to authorise or decline, which then updates the timesheet of the employee.

Investment Casting Systems Ltd

As mentioned earlier, different users can be given different access rights, which means that line managers can sign off and authorise overtime for their direct reports before payroll is processed.

We have found the Fire Roll Call feature really useful recently. Our company is expanding and has moved premises – the roll call is a really good and easy way to confirm employees are present in the event of an evacuation and the roll call is done using the fire marshal’s mobile phone.

The one module we haven’t incorporated yet but is available and will be set up within EAC at no extra charge is the HR/Admin section. This allows you to store contact details, next of kin, memos and an extra 5 bespoke sections that you require.

Investment Casting Systems

System install: Late 2021
Number of staff: 62
Clocking method(s) used: Facial Recognition machines

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