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Introducing Two Exciting New Features in EAC’s Clocking-In App

Enhanced Security and Streamlined On-Site Clocking

Flexibility and efficiency are key factors in ensuring a productive workforce. EAC, a leading provider of workforce management software solutions, understands the evolving needs of employers and employees alike. That’s why we are thrilled to announce two ground breaking additions to our state-of-the-art clocking-in app that will revolutionise the way you manage time and attendance in your organisation.

Anti-Buddy Clocking: Boosting Security and Accountability

Introducing the Anti-Buddy Clocking Feature: Revolutionising Security and Accountability within EAC’s clocking-in app.

So, how does it work? Upon their initial login using a unique user number and password, the app securely locks to that specific user, guaranteeing that no one else can exploit the same device for clocking in. This not only eliminates the risk of colleagues covering for each other but also establishes individual accountability.

In workplaces where multiple employees may share the same clocking device, this feature becomes invaluable. With Anti-Buddy Clocking, you can rest assured that only authorised users gain access to the app, ensuring precise and equitable time tracking. Managers can also enjoy peace of mind, as they are no longer burdened with the constant need to verify clock-in times, liberating valuable time for more essential tasks.

App Kiosk Mode: Streamlining On-Site Clocking

EAC’s clocking-in app introduces yet another exciting feature, ushering in a new era of efficiency: Kiosk Mode operation. This transformative functionality is a game-changer, especially for organisations that provide on-site tablets for their staff. With this feature, employees can effortlessly log in using their unique user number and password, seamlessly clock in and out, and then watch as the app smoothly transitions back to the login screen for the next person. This innovative approach creates a streamlined and highly efficient process, consolidating time tracking into a single, on-site clocking point.

App Kiosk Mode proves particularly valuable for employees who lack smartphones or prefer not to use their phones for clocking in. Its implementation ensures that every member of your team can conveniently and hassle-free record their attendance. With this feature, your payroll team gains access to a meticulously accurate record of hours worked, simplifying the payroll management process and substantially reducing the likelihood of errors.

Seamless Time Tracking: Empowering Your Workforce with EAC’s Innovative App

Furthermore, to complement these two exciting new features, EAC’s clocking-in app maintains the store-and-forward functionality, ensuring seamless time tracking even in areas with no signal.

The advantages are crystal clear: EAC’s clocking-in app not only fosters a healthier workplace by eliminating shared hardware and minimising the risk of germ transmission but also empowers your workforce with the freedom to clock in and out from any location. With the incorporation of Anti-Buddy Clocking and App Kiosk Mode, EAC’s clocking-in app continues to spearhead the provision of flexible, secure, and efficient time tracking solutions. What’s more, these features come at no additional cost, making it an even more appealing choice for businesses of all sizes.

Don’t hesitate; opt for the intelligent solution for your organisation’s time tracking requirements and embrace the future of workforce management with EAC’s clocking-in app.

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