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The Impact of Changing Work Culture: How to improve your company with cloud-based software

To improve your company with cloud-based software takes more than money. It takes a cultural shakeup.

Especially if your business still relies on legacy technology, such as on-premise services.

In today’s article we’re going to look at the impact a cloud-based roll-out will have. How to ensure you get your employees on board and expectations vs. reality (i.e. how to re-align your business expectations with software reality).

How to create a good work culture with technology

Simple – technology takes away tedious tasks, such as collating employee hours or calculating pay, and leaves your employee’s to get on with more important tasks.

When considering investing in any business tech, remember these three fundamental points:

  1. Will the technology help people do their job better?
  2. Can it help your business grow?
  3. Will it make your workplace easier and more efficient?

If the answer is yes to all of these, you know it will be an asset.

Any technology that is an asset and can help your employees will ultimately make their working lives easier. And over time, boost productivity.

Achieve business success through automation

A huge reason to invest in cloud-based or any business technology is to automate as much of your manual admin processes as possible.

Automation is the process of using computers to perform tasks that would previously need to be done by your workers.

It can be used for many different things, including inventory management, data entry, and customer service.

It’s a great way to save time and money and most importantly – resources.

If you’re worried automation will replace your workforce, let us stop you there.

We’re not yet at the stage of hoverboards (Back To The Future lied) and we’re not so far down the digital rabbit hole we’re in Matrix land.

So expecting something futuristic or completely automated is unrealistic. Yes, cloud-based technology such as an Attendance System can automate a lot of your manual payroll paperwork.

But it cannot do everything. You’ll still need to export and run the payroll – even if the hours have been applied and pay rates calculated.

So your Admins jobs are safe – but now you can cut down wasted hours and have them spend it doing more important tasks such as business management.

How your company can reap the benefits of cloud-based software

  • The cloud can help your company save money

No investment in on-premise installation or hardware.
Automation will also save you on employee time and resources.

  • It can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency

Cloud-based tech is normally user-friendly, meaning less need for on-site IT. As data will be in a centralised place, employees who need access to data can access it wherever they are, cutting out lengthy searches and speeding up the data insight process.

  • It can improve security and privacy

Most cloud providers offer protection against:

– Data security

– Protection against DDoS

– Regulatory compliance

Why change when you’re already perfect?

This all sounds great, but you’ve already got your business management in place. No need to change right?


Nearly half of workers will quit their job if their workplace technology is not up to scratch.

If not for the sake of your business costs on labour or lost time. For the retention of talent.

Employees are used to having everything work within a few clicks of a button in every other aspect of their life. So why should work be any different?

Leaving frustrations to fester for a simple process such as holiday requests taking days can result in disengagement, lowered productivity and ultimately – loss of talent.

Luckily you can improve your company with cloud-based software like Employee Absence Management that can help you with:

From just £2.19 per employee per month.

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