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If you’re Appy and you know it…

Clap your hands! Workforce management software solutions have officially entered the 21st Century with advances that include biometrics such as facial recognition terminals and now the super practical clocking-in app. Not using the app yet? Not sure of what it does? Didn’t even realise there was one? Then we are the bearer of some very good news indeed. And before you roll your eyes at the thought of downloading yet another app, this is one that will save your business considerable admin time, money and keep your workforce happy by making sure they get paid correctly – nice incentives, aren’t they?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Employee Attendance Cloud clock-in app.

Firstly, who is it for? In reality, any employee who wants or needs to use it. However, it is particularly popular with and useful for remote staff, site workers, or employees who, as part of their job, spend time in several different locations and are therefore not always able to clock in using a physical terminal. But don’t think that the app only serves to clock in and out – there’s much more to it than that!

So, what can it do? We’re glad you asked. Simply put, the app can make your employees’ lives a lot, lot easier whilst giving you essential insights into your business. Amongst other features, the app offers the ability to:

  • Clock in and out – even when there is no signal: The information (time and place of clock in) will be stored and uploaded to the cloud when once a signal becomes available.
  • Access personal timesheets: Employees can see the hours they have worked, including overtime, giving them a clear picture of what their wages are likely to be.
  • See upcoming scheduled rotas: Choose from a daily, weekly or monthly overview, allowing plenty time to organise any changes necessary.
  • Manage Holidays: Request time off and see when it is approved/denied; view number of days taken and remaining; see all public holidays.

The app is just another tool in the Employee Attendance Cloud toolkit, of course, not the only one. Employees can mix and match any of the other clocking in methods, including fingerprint terminals, as and when they like, there’s no obligation to only use the app. It is a valuable addition that comes included as part of the EAC package when you sign up, and is another reason why more and more businesses are now enjoying the benefits of letting our workforce planning software do the heavy lifting.

If you’d like to find out more, you can head to our clocking in app section of the EAC website or contact us directly to arrange a demo with a member of our team, who will find out little more about your unique business needs and explain how EAC can help you manage your workforce more effectively.

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