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HR Management

A major benefit of the Employee Attendance Cloud system is that you get access to our complex HR Management functionality.

Our human resource management system will enable your HR team to have a centralised place to store HR documentation, saving time and streamlining your processes.

Most importantly, as all data is stored on the cloud, you know your data is secure and available 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

AHR Management

HR Management Solutions

Employee profiles and data

  • Create and add detail to employee records
  • Enjoy up to five customisable employee information tabs that can be reported upon
  • Easily upload records and documents
  • Create email alerts when important work certificates are expiring or need reviewing
  • Only authorised system users have access

Automate the reports that you need - training completed, right-to-work documents dates and expiries, fork-lift truck licence, first aid certification and more.

The HR digital revolution is upon us, 70% of surveyed HR Management stated they recognise the need for a digital workforce transformation.

For managers and HR - Watch screen

A quick view in real-time of who is in or out in your team/s.

Top-tip: To ease HR admin tasks, work rules can be set for events such as reaching holiday allowances, probationary review and absence history.


HR can create email alerts for managers when things don't go to plan or for special reports that you need regularly.

Know when employees are no-shows, forgotten to clock, worked unauthorised overtime, a Right-to-Work review is needed and more.

It's all sent to your email inbox when it needs your attention - no need to log into the system unless you know there is something you need to do.

Health and Safety

Employee Attendance Cloud is not only a useful tool for monitoring your employees' Time and Attendance and HR Management, but it also plays an important part in Health and Safety measures.

According to Gov.UK, you should carry out at least one fire drill per year.

By keeping a real-time track of all employees working on your premises, Employee Attendance Cloud can automatically generate a fire alarm roll call report to check off employees during drills and real emergencies.

The fire roll call report is available directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Other reports available include memo reports – letting HR staff know about all notes added to employee profiles during the week, perfect for annual reviews and disciplinary actions.

Email alerts can also be set to report on key employee information such as first aid training, fire marshal status, forklift licenses, or if certification is expiring or needs refreshing.

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