How can EAC help you?

How can EAC help you?

In this months’ article we will be covering HR Management software, and how a workforce management system like Employee Attendance Cloud can make it simple.When you need important HR details, you want them at your fingertips at the point you need them. That’s exactly what EAC can do for you. You don’t even need to log into the cloud platform to be able to see this information!

With EAC’s Human Resource Management software, you can create up to 10 custom tabs that are available within an employee profile. Within these tabs you can create date fields, text fields, and… upload documents. Meaning that your company’s important data is all stored in one convenient place. You can then hide these tabs from system users who do not have the correct privileges, so you know that they are safely stored, especially if they contain confidential data.

Not only can you view the data from your cloud access, but you can choose custom fields that you would like to report on through our easy-to-use reporting suite. Once you have built your report template, you are able to export this report to a .CSV that can be used for any number of things.

Now you’re probably thinking “I thought I didn’t need to log in?” Well, you’re right, we saved the best for last. Storing this documentation is crucial to any business, but the data being usable if much more important. Within EAC you can set up Workflows for all your significant Human Resources data. Workflows allow you to create email alerts for managers and can be used to highlight any expiry dates for certification.Keeping on top of First Aid, Rights to Work, CSCS Card, or any other important industry training that requires refreshers, has never been so easy peasy, HR squeezy!

To top it all off, EAC is an advanced Human Resource Information System (HRIS), offering an integrated and comprehensive solution for managing your employee data. With EAC, you can enjoy enhanced data organisation, improved accessibility, and increased productivity in your HR operations. By utilising our HRIS, you can ensure that all crucial information is securely stored within the system.

How do you store your Human Resources data currently? Think EAC has a better option for you? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic can offer you!

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