How can EAC help you?

How can EAC help you?

In this months’ article we will be covering the employee clocking-in app that offers so much more than simply just employee clocking.With the world moving over to hybrid and remote working, giving your employee the freedom to be able to clock-in using an app gives you the peace of mind that you are still able to keep track your employees’ hours, and see them in real-time through the dashboard of the Employee Attendance Cloud dashboard.

Within the cloud portal you are able to set parameters to allow and deny employees clocking permissions when their location is not within a set ringfence. As a manager, you can draw a zone in which employees can use their smartphone clocking-in app to perform a clock-in or out. If they are not within the geofence, then they will be unable to clock. If they are within the location that is set, then their clock in will be successful and you will be able to view the location within the employee’s timecard, so you know that they are exactly where they are meant to be, when they are performing the clocking.

The employee clocking-in app also boasts the option to allow employees to be able to view their scheduled hours with an easy-to-read calendar view or, if preferred, a list view so they know exactly what hours they are working, as soon as your rota or schedules have been saved. They can then view their timecard to view historic hours that they have completed, along with a weekly total, putting the responsibility on the employee to check that their clockings are all correct.

Did we mention, that EAC’s clocking-in app is included within the subscription model and so if you already use, or want to sign up to EAC is 100%, completely FREE for the lifetime of your account!

Not only do you get all that, but employees can also use the free clocking-in app to request time off using the absence reasons that have been set up within your cloud account. They can view upcoming granted holiday and historic days off that they have had, along with a remaining total of their available balance to allow them to keep track of their time off.Need a clocking-in app for your employees? Contact the Team now to find out about this and other features that Employee Attendance Cloud by Chronologic can offer you!

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