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Holiday Tracking: It’s not a nightmare – your system is

No matter what sector you work in, or how many employees you have, an efficient Employee Holiday Tracker is absolutely essential. Not only does it ensure that your business is prepared for any planned upcoming absence, it also helps you to stay compliant with legal requirements when it comes to making sure your staff take all the holiday days they are entitled to.

And yet Holiday Tracking is seen by many as an absolute nightmare: stressful, impossible and time-consuming. Except it really isn’t. In fact, it’s the proverbial piece of very tasty cake (now you understand the photo). Or it is with Employee Attendance Cloud, at least…

So why such bad press? Well, because it’s not the task that’s the issue – in this case managing employees’ holidays – it’s the system, or lack thereof. Businesses often rely on systems that are, to be honest, too old, too prone to human error and just too ineffective to track and manage their workers time off accurately.

Managers normally have a stressful time trying to manage piles of time-off requests. Holiday requests often appear at the worst possible times and can take an age to sort through, approve and – crucially – ensure cover for.

If you’re relying on a manual process for all of this, then, as a general rule, we’re talking about the following steps:

  • Checking to see if the employee is genuinely entitled to the time off they’ve requested. Employees are often unable to check their remaining holiday balance, which means an administrator has to do it for them.
  • Speaking with the employee’s supervisor to see if it’s feasible for the employee to leave their tasks or whether output will suffer as a result of their absence.
  • Adding the request results on to the Excel holiday planner, to compare the dates and see whether any other employees have made overlapping holiday requests.

If, and only if, all of these steps go well, then the employee is eventually granted time off and their manager will then need to contact them to let them know.

We admit that if this is your current holiday tracking system, it is, indeed, a nightmare.

So, imagine this scenario instead:

Thanks to your EAC cloud-based account, your employees can use their self-service clocking-in app to see their current balance and request the time off they’d like. The request notification will be sent to managers, who can easily approve or reject the request after quickly and easily checking to see whether there are already other staff members booked off at the same time – avoiding the need to take on cover staff, or find yourselves without a vital skillset.

By using EAC’s holiday tracking functionality, you’ll know that absence is tracked accurately and you can say goodbye to paper forms, email threads and mind-boggling Excel spreadsheets.

Holiday Tracking is just one of the many key workforce management features of EAC.

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