Employee Attendance for Health Care

Health Care Attendance

Health Care Attendance is a huge task. Whether you are a smaller rural doctors surgery or a big inner-city hospital.

Tracking and maintaining records of hours worked are vital for the healthcare sector.

Today we’re going to tell you why…

Reasons to track Health Care professionals attendance

Keeping track of attendance in any sector is important for the sake of maintaining a healthy workflow.

And if any industry needs a solid workflow – it’s health care.

No shows, sickness and any unauthorised absence have a huge impact on the service that your organisation will be able to provide. Unlike a standard business, however, the product of your service could very literally cost someone’s life.

Other reasons to track Health Care Attendance:

  • All the personnel are uniquely trained for their specialised duty, and within any time frame, they are needed in varying capacities. The absence of a surgeon can see major repercussions across the unit.
  • Patients are often attached to the people taking care of them, whether they are doctors, nurses, or even caterers. They want to see the people they know and trust. Absence can cause great unease and low morale for many.

Another reason is to ensure that the professionals are following standard safety protocols and taking appropriate preventative measures.

The health care sector is highly regulated and unlike the other professions, healthcare professionals can seldom do the job of other colleagues.

This is why taking care that their attendance is regular, the leaves they apply for, and their in and out timings, are monitored is very important. Any slack in that can cause great concern to all involved.

Difficulties of tracking employee attendance in the industry

Keeping track of attendance is a huge task. Here are just a few reasons why health care attendance tracking is so difficult:

  • High turnover rate – which creates difficulties maintaining the set-up and use of time and attendance systems.
  • Forgetfulness – staff are under pressure which means clocking in and out can be less of a priority.
  • Offsite work – consultants, nurses, paramedics all work on the go.
  • Long hours and multiple shifts – tracking this can be a nightmare.

How Employee Attendance Cloud can help

Our attendance management system can deal with complex workforce issues. The software can:

  • Quickly add new employees. Our UK-based support team can also add on your existing workforce for you, to save you time and effort.
  • Employee Attendance Cloud has a clocking app. No more forgetting cards or fobs. If an employee does forget to clock, and you verify their working, authorised admins can easily update times for them. Any changes will have an audit trail to avoid time theft.
  • Thanks to our App clocking, nurses and other offsite staff can clock anywhere. You can even geolocate the employee at the time of clocking, so you know they are where they say they are.
  • The system has an easy to use rota functionality for scheduling staff. Pay rules and rates can be automatically applied so payroll is a breeze.

Employee Attendance Cloud allows you to plan, optimise and manage your staff efficiently. Designed to fit any business model, the software offers competitive pricing.


Health care is a complex and ever-changing industry. As the health care system evolves, so too does the need for software that can help providers manage their staff attendance.

By optimising your employees time, you can improve the accuracy and timeliness of patient care. It can also help ensure your organisation is never understaffed (within your ability).

Software like Employee Attendance Cloud can also improve coordination between different departments within a hospital or clinic as it centralises data. It can also help provide real-time updates about doctors and nurses to save middlemen.

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