Enhance Efficiency with Our Free Clocking-in App

Enhance Efficiency with Our Free Clocking-in App

Our state-of-the-art clocking-in app offers employers and employees the ultimate experience in flexible time tracking, included absolutely free with all subscriptions.

Promote a Healthier Workplace

Our app eliminates the need for shared hardware, reducing the risk of germs and promoting a healthier workplace. Employees can clock in and out from anywhere, be it on-site, at home, or on the move, ensuring seamless time tracking no matter where they are.

Empower Your Workforce

The EAC clocking-in app empowers your workforce by giving them control over their attendance and absences. Employees can effortlessly request time off, view their schedules, and access historic timesheet information, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Key Benefits of the EAC Clocking-in App

Enhancing Accountability and Efficiency

  • Anti-buddy Clocking: Ensure that the right person is clocking in, effectively preventing time theft and resulting in significant cost savings.
  • App Kiosk Mode: Mount a single tablet at entry points for a convenient clocking solution for employees who prefer not to use their phones.
  • Simple, On-the-Go Clocking: The power of EAC is always within reach, right in your pocket.

Advanced Features for Seamless Operation

  • GPS Location Lockouts (Geofencing): Set geofences around your sites to ensure staff are in recognised locations before clocking in or out.
  • Offline Clocking: Even without signal, employees can clock in and the data will sync once the connection is restored.
  • Historic Timesheet Information: View the previous eight weeks of clocking history to keep track of hours worked.
  • Holiday Requests and Status: Easily request time off and check the status of holiday requests within the app.
  • Access to Employee Schedules: Employees can view upcoming shifts as soon as they are created in the system.

User-Friendly and Convenient

  • Easy Transition: Whether transitioning from another system or paper-based calculations, our app is user-friendly and designed to help staff adapt quickly.
  • Compatibility with EAC Wave: The wave can be affixed to any non-metallic surface for quick and easy clocking.

Unlock Total Attendance Control with Geofencing

Our cloud-based workforce management system offers unparalleled control and precision in time and attendance tracking. The geofencing feature ensures that employees can only clock in or out within predefined location boundaries, reinforcing the necessity of physical presence on-site. Even in areas with poor signal reception, the app accurately records time and location, updating data once the connection is re-established.

Effortlessly Manage Attendance

Managers receive real-time alerts for late arrivals, missed clock-ins, or no-shows, ensuring they stay informed and can address issues promptly. The app’s integration with cloud technology means accurate data and hours worked are always at your fingertips, providing unwavering control over your workforce’s attendance records.

In conclusion, our free clocking-in app included with every subscription is the ultimate tool for maximising efficiency and flexibility for companies with remote workers. Embrace the future of workforce management with EAC and experience the benefits of a healthier, more accountable, and highly efficient workplace.

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