Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker

We are all aware of the importance of an Employee Attendance Tracker for both the employee and employer.

Why? Because an attendance tracker is an important tool that can help you keep track of the hours that employees are working.

This data can then automate overtime, pay, and other benefit calculations.

Importance of tracking employee attendance

As a business owner, you may have given your employees the freedom to come and go as they please.

You want them to enjoy their work environment and give them the liberty to do so. However, there are times when it is important for you to ask them to be in the office on time.

For instance, an urgent meeting, or there are new members of staff who need training in procedures.

If your employees are not present at the right time, then this can cause a disruption in your workflow which would affect your productivity levels.

Whether your business has one person or has a hundred people working for you, it’s important to know how much time they are spending in the office and how much time they are spending doing other things.

If they are not going to work when they should be, or if they are leaving early, then those hours need filling.

Apart from flagging no-shows, below are some of the key advantages of maintaining a good employee time and attendance tracker:

1. Better Business Decisions And Forecasting

Thanks to the data collected by the tracker, a team leader is better equipped to forecast the timelines of any project. They can look at the data from employee working hours, and create more accurate estimates and timelines.

2. Improve Team Management

By using a tracker daily, the decision-making capabilities of a team leader improve drastically. It is easier to allocate shifts and appoint skillsets if they know what resources are available.

Based on absences, your manager will also be better equipped to spot any workplace grievances.

3. Payroll becomes easier

Accurate timekeeping is extremely important when the resources are on daily wages. An Employee Attendance Tracker will help in making the process easier by automating timesheet input and applying working rules such as overtime.

In addition, employee attendance tracking can help you avoid legal issues related to workers not being paid for their time. By tracking employee hours, you will be able to ensure that your employees are receiving the correct amount of pay for their work. And most importantly – be able to prove it.

4. Encourages Regular Attendance and Higher Productivity

Employee attendance tracking also helps you identify any problems with employee productivity. This information can be used to address the issues and improve the work environment.

When employees see the benefits of transparent timekeeping for both themselves and the business, productivity levels will rise.

Ensure to explain the savings for the company, the transparency of pay for workers and protection of their rights (Working Time Regulations etc.)

5. Better Leave Management

If the attendance tracker is cloud-based, like Employee Attendance Cloud, chances are it includes manage leave functionality.

This means employees can get holiday requests approved or denied quicker, and employers can ensure no gaps in their labour force.


There are many advantages of using an employee attendance tracker. Attendance tracking is an important tool for managers to use in order to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

It also saves a lot of time for employers and gives access to a range of insight thanks to attendance data.

We suggest you use yours not only to identify employees who are not following company attendance policy, or calculate the rate of their absences but to highlight and reward those who show up and work well.

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